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Nintendo 3DS features

There are a lot of things added in the Nintendo 3DS. 2 outer cameras, gyro sensor, motion sensor... But there also are a lot of new features on the new 3DS!

We are going to start off with the most fascinating feature:

3D gaming

On the Nintendo 3DS you will be able to play games in 3D without the need of 3D glasses! Can you imagine playing Mario Kart in three dimensions? Or a Nintendog coming out of your screen? This is a new dimension in gaming!

The 3D technology is one of the reasons for game developers to make games for the Nintendo 3DS, so you can expect a lot of good games like Mario Kart 3DS, Metal Gear Solid: Sneak Eater and Nintendogs + Cats! And the 3D screen can also be used for movies (more about this later). It is possible to adjust the intensity of the 3D effect to your wish, or you can also turn off the 3D and play in nice, sharp 2D.

3D camera(s)

The Nintendo 3DS comes with 2 outer cameras. Because of that, it is possible to take 3D pictures! And just like on the DSi, where you could edit and play with your taken pictures in DSi camera, you'll be able to play and edit your taken (3D) pictures in "3DS camera". This will be installed on your 3DS once you get a 3DS. More information about the "3DS camera" is about to come.

The 3D camera(s) can also be used for mixing up reality with games! This is called augmented reality, and there will be a "Augmented Reality" software preibstalled on the 3DS. You have to put a card anywhere on a surface, and point your 3DS camera(s) at it, so your 3DS knows where it is if you move it.
So what does this really mean? Well for example:If you have created a Mii, you can let it walk around in your house! Or if you own Nintendogs + Cats, you can let your cute dogs (or cats) walk around in the real world! They will react to stuff in the real world and your movements, so you can for example let your Mii sit on your hand.

Street pass

This is another brand new feature. You may know the "Tag mode" in some games, where you have to close your DS and take it with you, and if you find someone else doing tag mode (with the same game), you will gain something. Well, Street Pass is a bit alike it.

if you close your 3DS, and take it with you, the 3DS automatically searches for other 3DS owners. If it finds one, data is automatically transferred. That is what Street Pass means. You want to know what data is being exchanged?Here is a list:
- Mii's
- Game played last
- Meeting time
- Game information
- Personal message (probably)
- More...

If you meet somebody via Street Pass, the Street Pass/ Spot Pass notification lamp will become green, so if you see your 3DS, you know you have met somebody via Street Pass and you can view the details.

About the game information: Some games exchange information or play against each other via Street Pass. And the best of all is: You don't even have to have the game inserted! For example: If you own the game "Street Fighter 4", and you meet somebody else who owns street fighter via Street Pass, a battle will be simulated, without you knowing it! If you check your Street Pass notifications, you will see that you battled and if you won or not!

Spot Pass

The name looks a lot like Street Pass... Well, thats because the feature does so too! Not much is known about Spot Pass, but here is what we DO know:

Nintendo has bacame partner of a lot of internet-providers (for example KPN). Now if you have closed your 3DS, and pass a spot with a internet connection from one of those providers, content will be automatically downloaded and installed. Like already told, we do not know much about this yet, but here is a list of what we do know:

- Updates
- Online rankings
- Friends information

It is probably more, but this is what we know right now. So Spot Pass might download online game rankings so you can view them. If you at a spot with internet, and another friebd does so too, you will automatically get a notification that a friend is online. You can play online together then (if you want), and it will be a lot easier than connecting on the old DS's.


Just like on the Nintendo Wii, there will be a Mii channel on the 3DS. And not only that, there will also be a Mii Street Pass channel!

The Mii channel will have the same basic functions like the Wii, but there are a few new features. One of the new options is that you can turn yourself or a friend into a Mii via one of the cameras! And after that, you can still make changes at your Mii. Another new feature is augmented reality. You can let your Mii's walk around in your room on on your table! They interact with their environment and you can pose them.

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