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JeffTheKiller as The EdgeLord: I don't have school...Because it's spring break.
starbreaker: school is boring
JeffTheKiller as The EdgeLord is now away. I should actually get some sleep because i've been up all night.
QueenAngel: Yeah -gone-
XxJustin14xX as Smart Ass: If anything. School is dangerous as well 👀
XxJustin14xX as Smart Ass: The only safe place in school is that spot where u can crack out a cold one with the bois lol
QueenAngel: Reached safely in school.
XxJustin14xX as Smart Ass: @TheJGfan24 I'm not judging you bro. Lol, you gucci. And y ya nervous xD
XxJustin14xX as Smart Ass: what if the pmer came in here and saw that. They'd be like ohhhh. U saw it, but u gonna ignore it yeeee
TheJGfan24 as Izaya Okihara: Yes I didn't check it, becaude I'm nervous to check it! Stop judging me! T-T
XxJustin14xX as Smart Ass: Oof is correct
starbreaker: oof
XxJustin14xX as Smart Ass: Lol
XxJustin14xX as Smart Ass: someone sent ya a pm. And you didn't check it?
TheJGfan24 as Izaya Okihara: pm*
XxJustin14xX as Smart Ass: .-. wah
TheJGfan24 as Izaya Okihara: Its been about 2 days, and I still haven't checked the ons Dark sent..
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