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''Best'' Friend Part 2.
Started by Android18
(2012-05-31 21:42:19)
Android18 (2012-05-31 21:42:19)
''Ok then lets go....But first....Stay right here.'' Emma said

Emma disappeard off to somewere, Unknown.

But Emma never came back.

One day later...''

Hannah woke up from the voice of her mother down stairs.

''Oh no what happened....Someone what....?!'' Hannah's mom yelled.

Hannah then went downstairs to see what's going on.

''Mother....What's the matter?'' Hannah asked....

''Someone spray painted all over Dory's house.......Who did it.......?'' Hannah's mom asked on the phone.

''Dory said it was you.....'' Hannah's mother sighed.

''What!?!?! No it was'nt! I was sleep at the time! It was Emma! '' Hannah yelled. Then she stomped in her room and called emma. There was no awnser to the phone.

Hannah had figured that Emma did'nt pay her minutes yet.

But then she realized something odd.....

Emma's phone number....Was Hannah's phone number....But it was reversed.....

Part 3 coming next!

I'm sorry.

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