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The Charm Of The Scarecrow
Started by Crush42
(2012-09-25 23:35:35)
kblackeagle (2012-09-29 03:10:14)
That was excellent. But I was hoping a creepier story.
Death is not the end. It is merely a step towards the unknown.
Crush42 (2012-09-29 20:54:17)
I'm glad you all liked it! I know, kblackeagle, but while writing it, I went through several story changes; my original story was about the charm helping the scarecrow to steal the main characters human form, and burning him while he was in scarecrow form, so the scarecrow could keep the human body. And although by the end it turned into more of a twisted, supernatural romance, I realised that if you take the main series of events, tweak it a bit, and write them in reverse order, it actually more closely resembles a typical horror story, with the mans wife slowly turning into a scarecrow as his dreams become worse. (No known copyright on either aforementioned stories; quick, someone can write those for free, if they wanted! ) So, yeah. Glad you all enjoyed it!
kblackeagle (2012-10-01 01:47:32)
Yeah, I realized the potential places for it to turn bad...and creepy.
Death is not the end. It is merely a step towards the unknown.
Crush42 (2012-10-30 06:15:09)
Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! God bless. =D
Doreee (2012-10-30 14:39:56)
Awesome story!
Crush42 (2012-10-31 22:01:05)
Thank you, Doreee, I'm glad you liked it! Happy Halloween!
PANZERFAUST (2016-03-08 02:32:16)
Too Long; Did not Read!
Sleep (I've Been Slipping)
NodePoint (2016-03-10 14:35:59)
Moved back in request. As it was bumped, it will remain locked.

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