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Code Of Princess Review
Started by Crush42
(2012-10-26 23:05:11)
pikarceus (2012-10-27 20:18:10)
This game looks awesome, but no way I'll be able to get without being made fun of by my parents because it has "Princess" in the title.

Plus the boobs. A Teen rating means nothing to them if they see scantily clad females.

Honestly I have a better chance of getting Re:Revelations than this game.

I hope this goes retail download like Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion.

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2012-10-27 20:19:18

Crush42 (2012-10-27 22:07:19)
A downloadable release is unlikely at best; the game's been out for nearly 3 weeks, and there's still no mention of it on the eShop. It doesn't even allow you to rate it there. :l
OtherSilhouette (2012-10-27 23:30:34)
I feel your pain. -pikatceus
Crush42 (2012-11-18 09:18:36)
I feel the need to correct my earlier comment; today, along with adding Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion to the eShop and fixing minor bugs, there is now, after over five weeks since release, a Code Of Princess shelf slot on the eShop, but still no info as of now concerning any sort of downloadable release. :l
Superman (2012-11-18 17:53:52)
Wow Crush42 the only people who want Kagura Burst are pedophiles that fap to little girls! Beyond the Labyrinth I've been wondering about though. It's only in Japan :/. No suprise
They see me trollin', they hatin'
Crush42 (2012-12-21 06:49:33)
UPDATE: I just saw this on the eShop, Pikarceus-- Code Of Princess, available to download soon!

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