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Nintendo 3DS: Secrets and Tricks
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Started by Zoomr412
(2011-08-21 23:16:57)
Robdeprop (2011-08-22 16:41:18)
Awesome topic, I made it sticky.
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pikarceus (2011-08-22 21:02:41)
In ar games fishing you can cacth differnt fish depending on the color of the surface. If its on something red, you can catch cheap cheaps from mario.

pikarceus (2011-08-24 21:19:57)
Only problem with that is the picture becomes so tiny

randomguyperson (2011-09-03 16:33:58)
Another trick:If you go on top of a 30-40 story building and drop it from the roof it will make crashing and breaking noises
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pikarceus (2011-09-04 14:44:49)
I heard if you put the 3DS stylus on an ipod touch, the ipod will go crazy.

Raichu (2011-09-07 05:02:43)
Well I got one thing
In Find Mii if you hold the R button everything will go faster.

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pikarceus (2011-09-07 21:09:38)
In find mii, if your miis shirt matches the ghosts shield, it will break.

Raichu (2011-09-11 03:44:43)
Bud -.- lol

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TetrisDude335 (2011-10-02 21:03:11)
You can download Pictures from the Web Browser,and you can Upload pictures,as well.The game and watch Music Game Goes as fast as the beat in the song. Each Beat makes the soccer ball move.You can also pause the song and make your character go into the location where the soccer ball will land,and the ball stays completely frozen.
Raichu (2011-11-12 01:11:22)
What? -mario2001

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johnny13 (2011-11-15 21:34:58)
WOW i feel so bad that i still dont own a 3ds im making myself jalous of you all but i will get one soon (i hope)
adds a new dimension.

i am a PewDiePie fan *brofist*.

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Junaid (2011-11-16 00:19:52)
Cool Tricks
Raichu (2011-11-16 02:00:00)
Guys uh try posting real tricks.0-0

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gamer365 (2011-11-18 01:34:25)
whats the secret game?
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Raichu (2011-11-18 03:03:36)
Seriously guys -_- tellreal tricks...

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