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Inferno Hades IH Thread V2
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Started by Soulonix
(2013-04-12 06:06:42)
BirdJesus (2015-05-03 14:54:25)
Look at this ancient thread.
"Ugh, I need to go masturbate now. Whenever I get mad or worried, that's what I do."
-mega, the homosexual animal rapist.
TrainerRed1 (2016-09-27 06:41:52)
Man i can go for a war right about now.
3..2..1..PK FIRE
Soulonix (2017-07-27 06:00:30)
*Wonders what BW posted 😵*

Note to self; PM him some information & clarification next time I check here.

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2017-07-27 06:09:11

RoadRunner (2017-08-01 02:05:06)
oh Lord its been to long
AceRayquaza (2017-08-08 12:46:14)
Man...coming back here 4 years on is an experience.
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Sackacuga (2017-10-10 03:47:39)
Holy hell I remember this.

Soulonix where you at my dude.
TrainerRed1 (2017-11-07 10:27:18)
Almost a year and still no war requests
3..2..1..PK FIRE
Soulonix (2018-03-03 05:42:09)
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