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New 3DSPlaza Rules [Request For Comments]
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Started by SomeLuigi
(2013-05-21 20:56:21)
SomeLuigi (2013-05-21 20:56:21)
These rules are only a working draft.

- Do not swear, or use bad language.
- Keep conversations appropriate, there are children of all ages who use this site. Make sure to know when it is suitable to talk about certain subjects (this includes cyber sex).
- Be civil and polite at all times. This includes no racism, not insulting and not initiating fights with users. Aditionally, do not mock a user just because of their grammar (or lack of therof). The chatrooms are places to have fun and chat, not to spread disrespect. In brief, treat other users equally.
- Do not spam (post many messages in quick succession)
- Do not flood (post multiple long messages which quickly fill up the chatroom)
- Do not advertise a website. While showing a friend a link is acceptable, requesting that people visit a certain website in the chats is not allowed. Use the correct section in the forums.
- Do not share passwords, phone numbers, addresses, or any other personal information, whether it is yours or not.
- Do not beg for any 3DSPlaza features, such as 3DSPoints, Respects, icons, or chatroom commands.
- Use a name colour that is visible to other members. It is essential that the moderators can see your username in the chatroom.
- If you are banned, never make an alt (alternate account). You are only allowed one active account per person. Instead, open a dispute.

Moderator Rules show

- First and most importantly, do not be unecessarily strict. Let users enjoy themselves, and only warn and/or ban when a rule is severly breached. Your responsibility is to moderate, and make sure there are no rule breakers - you are not part of any type of police force. Stay relaxed, but vigilant at the same time.
- The warning system is not to be played with. Only use it when totally necessary.
- The above applies even more to the ban system - under no circumstances will this system be abused. Only ban when you are totally necessary it is deserved.
- Do not unban someone whom you did not ban yourself.
- Remember that you are a role model for the users of the site. Hold yourself to a high standard, and be expected for the rules to apply to you even more.
- Don't accept reports unless they are from trusted sources and provide evidence.
- Warn users before using a ban, though there are exceptions.

These rules are for the safe upkeep of the site, and are for your benefit and the benefit of the general ambiance of the chatrooms. There will be a zero-tolerance policy and breaking these rules will not be dealt with lightly, for users or moderators.

If you want to have a chance at becoming a moderator, is it even more important that you follow these rules perfectly. Exceptional users will get picked to moderate the site by the staff.

This is an RFC (Request For Comments).
Please comment using the comment box below.

This working draft will be published as standard later.

If you feel something is missed or in error, point it out and it will be amended.

- SomeLuigi, matttttt

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2013-05-22 21:53:51

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SonicMobian (2013-05-21 21:00:29)
I like it. I love the addition of mod rules too!
Oh, when Will you come to me good signature?
SomeLuigi (2013-05-21 21:02:10)
amended, added:
Don't accept reports unless they are from trusted sources and provide evidence.

SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
(Capt.)Orb (2013-05-21 21:02:24)
Nice topic, I also think Treat all users equally should be a rule.
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SomeLuigi (2013-05-21 21:05:07)
In brief, treat other users equally.
SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
mcwolf (2013-05-21 21:14:04)
I like it already. keep up this awesome good work.
~Blade~ (2013-05-21 21:16:03)
I like the mod rules, I'll be sure to follow the rules PERFECTLY *hint hint*
Pop goes the weasel
sasuke (2013-05-21 21:23:41)
3dMan10 (2013-05-21 21:25:02)
No doing :!noob!: to new members
Don't break the rules, its bad, trust me I've been banned like 10 times and one of them bans was on my first day.

SomeLuigi (2013-05-21 21:31:17)
:!noob!: will probably be removed.
SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
kooldude (2013-05-21 21:46:43)
can i plz be a moderator plzzzz
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TetrisDude335 (2013-05-22 00:44:41)
If you're willing to accept new mod rules, make it a rule that you cannot ban a user without warning them first.
DaftPunk (2013-05-22 12:29:10)
Hm, nice.

little5 (2013-05-23 14:12:15)
Break cyber dating down into pieces, because some people (especially in roleplayer) like to say stuff like "it's just a roleplay".
LulzSecZ (2013-05-25 13:07:42)
Lani's Moderator Assistant 2015!

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