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New Infraction & Strikes system
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Started by matttttt
(2013-05-29 13:02:47)
SomeLuigi (2013-05-29 14:10:10)
And now, for the mods & dispute section:

Reviewing Infractions

By going to your own profile, you will see a quick bar displaying how many strikes you have out of the 12.

You can then use the review link to go to a more descriptive page. Said page will list all your infractions, how many strikes each are worth aswell as the reasons.

You will also be able to open disputes against the infractions. By doing this, you are showing yourself innocent. If you show to be innocent, the infraction will be cancelled. Please note you will only get once chance to dispute an infraction. [Coming soon]

Flagging posts in the forums
You can flag posts in the forums by using the "Flag" feature. You will be guided through it.

Applying strikes (chat mods)
As a chat mod, you can apply a strike to someone by clicking the red dot next to their chat post and filling in a value after:

alt > alting = 6
swear (swr) > swearing - censored = 3
mswear (msr) > swearing - bypassing = 4
cyber (cbr) > cybering = 6
racism (rcm) > racism = 4
spam (sm) > spam = 2
nsfw (ns) > NSFW = 8
insult (is) > Insulting or provoking = 3
inna/ina > Being inappropriate = 3

Please be sure to click the right chat post and do not edit the numerical value autofilled.

By clicking the red dot on a post, and filling in:

/s 11111 BadUser nsfw

the user will be warned & receive infractions for breaking the NSFW rule. All codes & shortcodes are found on that list ^^ on the left of the >.

Applying strikes (forum mods)

To apply infractions as a forum mod, go to the post that breaks the rules and use the "Flag" feature. This will take you to the infractions interface where you get to choose the reason simply. The post will also be deleted when you do this.

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2013-05-30 03:04:08

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camp4dawin (2013-05-29 20:20:00)
what's NSFW? that's the only one i don't understand but other than that sounds good
Junaid (2013-05-29 20:22:34)
Nice. -b
MarcyTheVamp (2013-05-29 20:27:18)
Well.... I mean these rules are great or fine but alot of people is gonna be banned from this
*chokes on breath*
pikarceus (2013-05-29 20:28:08)
This is actually pretty good.

HerobrineLuka (2013-05-29 21:06:40)
Umm... Permanent Ban...
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iceman (2013-05-29 21:18:33)
Great job.
ryanb000977 (2013-05-29 21:31:21)

TetrisDude335 (2013-05-29 21:35:19)
Not trying to think highly of myself, but I like this system. Frankly, that's saying something.
maleck (2013-05-30 01:17:25)
Very nice this should create more safe and fun site also, with simple ground rules.

Nice Job!
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kblackeagle (2013-05-30 01:27:58)
That is one of the greatest ideas this site ever had.
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Cyndaquil123 (2013-05-30 02:07:35)
I think this system is a bit too severe, a mod could easily lie and then get a user permanently banned, also what if there's an old user who forgets about his previous bans or simular and then they get banned, I have been banned falsely before and this new system looks like all the mods have to do is put /ban person reason marks and it won't be checked or anything, also the mods can't get banned and may take advantage of that
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ED (2013-05-30 13:33:30)
I disagree with perma-bans. Yes they broke rules, but perma-ban? Isn't that not a bit extreme?
little5 (2013-05-30 18:08:57)
The 5th time you're banned it's.. Permanent? O-O
little5 (2013-05-30 18:10:01)
How about 7th? That's better..
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