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The Brony Thread
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Started by StarGuardian
(2013-10-11 02:25:46)
Ron1212 (2013-10-11 03:57:24)
Commenting, just because these forums get immensely popular.
BioshockFan64 (2013-10-11 17:39:28)
Hey, Bronies, Check out my Wander over Yonder thread. It's a Thread I made for anyone that like the new cartoon on Disney Channel.
Static is best villager.
DeathKid (2013-10-12 23:45:46)

I had a related picture here somewhere, but I lost it. Anyway, happy birthday Py.

On an unrelated note, picked up Pokemon Y today.

^ fag
Bean (2013-10-12 23:50:54)
Who remembers the original brony thread? OVER 9000 posts.
Perfect_Chaos (2013-10-13 03:11:04)
Guess I was wrong.
CronaGorgon (2013-10-13 05:30:34)
hey hi

derpy is best pony
Moved to Alpaca
TrainerPurple (2013-10-13 11:26:06)
Why did they delete my thread?
A picture of what everyone goes on the internet for show

My Youtube Channel
DeathKid (2013-10-13 17:54:21)
Scootaloo helped Applebloom on the dance moves, and Applebloom helped Sweetie Belle with the costumes.
^ fag
Drakkrai (2013-10-14 00:38:39)
Flashlight is best pony now.

Btw I might not be on 3DSPlaza much
I'll be on Cloudsdale and my tumblr DON'T JUDGE MEEE

This post has been edited one or more times, the last time was:
2013-10-14 00:42:29

shalala is my onee-chan

lindsay x avery
CronaGorgon (2013-10-14 23:51:44)
mods stop deleting my comments and topics without telling me why and a reason it's really rude
Moved to Alpaca
Mametchi (2013-10-15 01:20:11)
Recovery Mode activated.


DeathKid (2013-10-16 09:07:29)
Bumped because of more spam.
^ fag
Ron1212 (2013-10-16 23:27:39)
Yet ANOTHER bump due to....

Well, idk lol.
CronaGorgon (2013-10-17 02:27:11)
Okay, Season 4 is like a month away.

I dearly hope this doesn't end up like the TD fandom with All-Stars right now.

Some people are angry with the extreme focus on The Malevolent One, everyone's upset about "poor writing" (ok some of its been rushed, and I admit they aren't doing the best with writing, but I think some people are just being ridiculous)

Hating Mike/Mal will not get him kicked off any sooner. Everybody's ranting about how offensive Mike is, and really, the only thing you're doing is just making yourself mad.

Mike is my favorite, but I actually wish there was just a slight less attention on him (at least so it's not practically Total Drama Mike).

Point is, some bronies have a bad habit of doing similar.

I was so irked when S3 was almost over and the bronies "quit".

You didn't quit, you knew you'd come back. You're throwing a hissy fit.

Like how truebluefangirl threw a fit last night about TDAS's new episode and saying "ugh im not coming back until pahkitew island"

today she saw the preview with jose and she's like

"Ok maybe I'll give this season one more shot"

I mean her fit was handled pretty maturely but, still, don't freaking claim you're leaving. You're gonna be back. You know it.
Moved to Alpaca
CronaGorgon (2013-10-17 06:09:55)
its nixy


i just realized nixy sounds a lot like trixie
Moved to Alpaca
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