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New chatroom on 3DSPlaza: Chatroom game!
Started by Robdeprop
(2013-10-22 13:42:53)
Robdeprop (2013-10-22 13:42:53)
Today, on request of some 3DSPlaza members, I have added Chatroom Game to 3DSPlaza.

Chatroom Game is a chatroom where you are only allowed to talk about videogames, which makes it the perfect place to find people to play a game of Pokémon with or to share your opinions on the newest games.

Have fun with Chatroom Game!
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little5 (2013-10-23 01:46:35)
How long have I been gone..
WWTEpicFail (2013-10-23 22:39:44)
maleck (2013-10-24 00:23:47)
Pretty cool.
(New look coming soon)
SackThing101 (2013-10-25 04:44:02)
This'll be interesting how it turns out.
Rainier (2013-11-05 06:41:57)
if you add a chat training room i'm happy
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LulzSecZ (2013-11-07 03:32:20)
Hmm..I Agree with Robdeprop if your caught chatting In the Gaming chat you should be banned.
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technovian (2014-03-06 01:44:53)
I see people talking about ssbb in the regular chatroom all the time so this was stupid.

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2014-03-06 01:48:16

ChampionLeake (2014-06-01 21:26:56)
There's not that much users in the Game Chatroom anymore.
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xxBOGGERxx (2014-07-08 04:24:51)
got you!

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ChampionLeake (2014-08-18 02:06:12)
Chatroom Game is no longer active though.
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LotsaSpagheti (2014-10-22 04:27:25)
Nobody even uses uit.
BlurXL (2015-01-26 16:34:27)
KingMarc (2016-09-17 11:06:01)
Oh wow
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