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Started by SomeLuigi
(2013-11-10 03:11:08)
SomeLuigi (2013-11-10 03:11:08)
Hi people, if you please spare some minutes and take into consideration these things, please approve, disapprove or stand neutral about all these feature ideas that I'm ready to do.

1: Remove strike system, put back in traditional warn&ban.

2: Spruce up the Forums with a Follow/Watch/Mention system.

3: Start over rep system with a removal of respect/disrespect as this favours popular users, instead gain rep from forum threads & posts.

4: Bring in IconShop.

5: Bring in a 3DSPlaza Court which would allow banned users to defend their case. (details subject to later)

Example response:
1,2,3,4,5 yes

SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
SomeLuigi (2013-11-10 03:12:10)
my answer -
all yes

SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
WaterLuigi477 (2013-11-10 03:14:43)
That 3DSPlaza court sounds like a great idea!
OPEN show
Banned from miiverse again
AgurettiLeaf (2013-11-10 03:14:46)
All yes because I'm that guy sho likes change. .3.
AlphaTrion (2013-11-10 03:15:52)
All yes.
LincolnN9neN9ne (2013-11-10 03:16:18)
All yes.
Because it's awesome.
Aleks (2013-11-10 03:16:48)
All yes.
PLMasterSSB (2013-11-10 03:17:10)
Nice. Ofcourse yes

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WaterLuigi477 (2013-11-10 03:17:37)
Ah what the heck. All yes
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Banned from miiverse again
CodyP2000 (2013-11-10 03:20:06)
*1, 2, 3, 4, and 5: Yes.
-This may help stop some of the spam, and (guess-work) about over half of us dislike/hate the Strike System and prefer the Warn & Ban system. And Number 5 is a genius idea because some users believe that they get false banned, and they can try to prove if their statement if true or false. The IconShop last time made the site way too buggy with 503s. But we're on a 503-free host, so why not try to being it back?

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TetrisDude335 (2013-11-10 03:20:32)
1, 2, 3, and 5.
I hate the strike system, and the traditional ban system will be so much easier to use.
I'm kinda neutral for the follow, mention and watch functions, but they seem cool.
Number three is also good, though should make the appreciate button on threads much more noticeable. Like, make it an option right next to the submit button below the comment submitting section.
However, the icon shop isn't very useful, I say we should just give all the icons to everyone. We could really use a better way to use 3dspoints. though. They haven't been useful in, like, months.
Lastly, a Plaza court is a great idea, though I might change my mind based on the details.
Super_~_Junior. (2013-11-10 03:20:41)
1. Yes. 3. Yes. 4. Yes

(Reason for 1, The strike system can often get abused by mods sometimes accidently, Like I have seen mods strike the wrong user for clicking the thing wrong. I myself was striked twice on accident.

Reason for 3. It'll make things more fair for people to get stars and respect.

4. I miss the Icon shop lol. )

jEsUs ChRiSt
pikarceus (2013-11-10 03:24:02)
All good in my opinion.

SomeLuigi (2013-11-10 03:30:38)
okay, it's pretty much agreed that 1,2,3 are good, 4 I agree with Tetris, 3DSPoints are so value-less everything may well be free. 5 yes & specific to details. We'll see one day if the time comes, though.
SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
SackThing101 (2013-11-10 04:02:14)
1. Remove strike system and put back the traditional warn&ban.

Well, users will just curse two times and wait until tomorrow and they'll do it again, unless you can keep track of warnings, but this is only my opinion.

2. Spruce up the forums with a follow/watch/mention system

Hell. Yes.

3. Start over rep with a removal respects/disrespects as this favors popular users, instead gain rep from forum threads & posts

That would be good, although, people will make alts to respect themselves.

4. Bring in IconShop

Yeah, that would be awesome since points are useless.

5. Bring in 3DSPlaza court which will allow banned users to defend their case.

I find this idea funny, but some users will lie. You will not know who is telling the truth unless someone screenshotted, and banned users would use it as a chatroom. >.>
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