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Review: Senran Kagura Burst
Started by Crush42
(2013-12-04 10:51:03)
THaT1GuY9001 (2013-12-04 19:39:57)
Nin10dude789 (2013-12-04 21:28:46)
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ToXiPhObE (2013-12-08 17:35:02)
Looks like I'm gonna be the creature of the night once again.
pikarceus (2013-12-10 02:30:37)
I'd give it a 7.5. It has A LOT of content, but there isn't much incentive to play it as the level design and enemy types are bland.

But I do like how each character has a completely different style and I thought the two "hidden" characters were a nice touch.

I agree the story was a letdown. I didn't mind the innuendo, I thought it was funny. But I really got sick of all the ridiculously emotional friendship speeches. I swear, if it weren't for the perv factor, I would think the story was written for 8-10 year olds. In fact, I notice this with a lot of Japanese games/anime, I guess it must just be a cultural thing or something.

I also found Hebijo to be better than Hanzo, the story was a little more interesting plus
Spoiler: show
The boobs shake more in the hub

But let's be honest, this to me is just a stepping stone to getting Shinovi Versus (PS Vita) localized, which looks fantastic.

Dragnet (2013-12-10 03:46:15)
All I can see is a 13-year-old hormone stimulator wrapped up in a neat little T-rated anime beat-'em-up package. Though I haven't played it, from what pikarceus said, it seems like the only thing it has going for it is Japan's classic perverted anime fetishes, which are toned down so harshly for muh murrican censorship that it isn't even worth the ROM it's encrypted on.
What I wanna know is where's the caveman
SackThing101 (2013-12-10 04:10:07)
(Why was this locked? o.o)

Nice review. You almost make me wanna get it.
pikarceus (2013-12-11 02:35:49)
@poop-You make it sound worse than it is. It is a fun game and has a nice quirky (And sexy) style to it.

They clearly did sacrifice some quality for the sex-appeal, but you could buy far worse games. It's only $30 and you're technically getting two games, so the value is pretty good.

Also nothing in this game was censored like FE:A's DLC. XSEED really does not give a crap.

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2013-12-11 02:37:35

imtheboss722 (2013-12-13 18:37:39)
Looks like this game may find itself on my Holiday Wish List. However, from what you said, I may need to play with the volume low.

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