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Xmas 2013
Started by SomeLuigi
(2013-12-17 18:40:36)
SomeLuigi (2013-12-17 18:40:36)
Welcome folks, and Merry Xmas!

To begin, straight off you'll notice in chats you can be marked as 'naughty', 'good', and 'super good'. You will be marked good automatically after spending a bit of time in a chatroom.

When marked 'super good', you can request an icon to be given on Xmas day.

In your request, you can specify URLs, TUCS/SS IDs, etc.

If you submit a URL, Santa or Mrs. Claus (hereinafter collectively "Santadmins" will check it and wrap up the image you requested. (Please note animations are not accepted, and your image will be resized to 16x16.)

If you want an elf to sprite you an icon, request it with words in the box. Use as much description as you want, but remember the elf will decide anything you don't!
A Santadmin will verify this and submit it to the elf workshop.

The elves can then use TUC/SS Spriter or any preferred method to create your sprite.

Please note, elves:

- If you are starting work on a request, COMMIT IT. This will stop another elf from doing it instead.

- Don't commit something you're not starting unless the requester wants you to do it.

- You can UNCOMMIT a request at any time, but please do so earlier rather than later so there is time for another elf to take control.

The Elf/Santa workshop can be accessed from a chatroom.
Note: You must be logged into 3DS version to use the workshop

Remember, Elves & Santadmins, you should periodically check the Workshop.

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SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
Victini (2013-12-17 18:42:56)
I'll do, but where is our /sball and /misletoe?

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2013-12-17 18:43:25

V is for VICTORY!!!
(TLE)SmashBros (2013-12-17 18:43:21)
Alright. Sounds good.
Jutta (2013-12-17 18:59:02)
I didn't understand all, but okay.

Jason2k14 (2013-12-17 21:00:21)
FaZeApex (2013-12-17 23:15:37)
Well hello there cx
AgurettiLeaf (2013-12-17 23:46:43)
.~Feferi~. (2013-12-18 00:14:39)
SackThing101 (2014-01-12 04:27:01)
Since this is over, I'll have to close this so users won't be confused.

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