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Current Standing on 3DSPlaza
Started by SomeLuigi
(2014-04-07 09:56:51)
SomeLuigi (2014-04-07 09:56:51)
Been a while since anybody has heard from me about 3DSPlaza.

I regret to announce that data lost due to the crash in February cannot be recovered.

That leaves a few things in a state of disrepair:
- Picture Gallery
- 3DSDraw
- SomeSpriter/TUCS

They haven't been setup to handle such a loss of their data, and they will try to display images that don't exist, for example.

They will be dealt with at a later time.

I have done these things:
- Unblocked the profile pictures so you can upload them once more.
- Fixed RP tags

As cSplit data was lost for lots of users, I believe I'm going to change that up. Until then, cSplit will remain disabled.

Thanks for your co-operation on this most disastrous event.
SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
RatchetRambow (2014-04-07 21:10:07)
Thank you, SomeLuigi. You are a great help to this website.
Aleks (2014-04-07 21:11:26)
Thank you for trying your absolute best to recover data from the crash. I'm sure most, if not all, users appreciate it. I certainly do.
JaronTheFireCat (2014-04-10 00:56:03)
I wonder what he meant by "change it up". Too bad. I was one of the users who had lost their cSplit data. Then I re-earned it, and then it's gone again. As for the stuff we had lost, that was too bad. But, hell, I rarely used that stuff.

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ChampionLeake (2014-06-01 21:21:01)
Good. Whens the next Currency news of 3DSPlaza
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Mr.Saturn (2014-06-14 18:32:10)
Can't wait until i can change my profile pic again.
ChampionLeake (2014-06-17 02:23:53)
I'll see if I can make my current standards
web developer, homebrew developer, artist, and a musician.
Youtube Channel
My Discord Server

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