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How to play SSBB online after Wi-Fi shutdown
Started by SackThing101
(2014-06-29 05:27:01)
SackThing101 (2014-06-29 05:27:01)
You clicked this thread to see if you could play online again in SSBB (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) or did you click this thread to see if it's a troll thread? Well it's not a troll thread. This is 100% true. Even I have it. I'm gonna name the three most common methods for getting online. Lets get started.


Update: The user, mega, didn't need to delete his Brawl data to get online. So you can try it without deleting it. If it doesn't work, you probably did it incorrectly and/or you need to delete your Brawl data.

Non-hacked Wii method:

This method are for the chickens people who don't have homebrew. But if you do use this method, you cannot play Project M online, sadly. (unless they made a launcher for hackless... not sure) I haven't did this method myself, but I'm 90% sure it works.

1. Download Hackless Gecko or Hackless Riivilution


3. Copy all the files in your .zip file to your SD card (the root of it)

4. Load Brawl and go to Stage Builder.

5. Your screen should do weird things. If it is just endlessly loading a custom stage in the vault, just reset your Wii and try again. Keep resetting until it works.

6. Click launch and then your SSBB will reset. You now have Wi-Fi.

Homebrew method:

This is probably the best method to do since it is the most easy one. You can also play Project M online too. You just have to do the Project M method at the bottom of this page. Let get started.

1. Install the homebrew channel (there's tons of guides online)

2. Download this file:

3. Extract its contents (apps and bslug) to the root of your SD card.

4. On your Wii, set your primary DNS to, and I'm not sure if this is necessary, but put your real IP in the secondary DNS.

5. Put the SD card in your Wii, launch Homebrew channel, insert your Brawl disk and run the auto Wiimmfi Patcher and you're done. You have to launch this every time you wanna play online.

Homebrew + USB Loader method:

This is for you ISOs loaders, as myself. This will patch your SSBB ISO so you can play online. Plus, you don't have to do the method at the bottom of this page to play Project M online! Lets get started.

1. On your Wii settings, type as the primary DNS for your internet. I don't know if this is necessary or not, but type your real IP address in the secondary DNS.

2. Get any USBLoader (obviously)

3. Download this.

4. Extract all the files in there to an empty folder.

5. Put the SSBB ISO in that folder too.

6. Launch "Wiimmfi-patcher.bat" and wait for it to copy the ISO.

7. A new folder was created. Open that folder, put the new ISO on your USB and you can now play Wi-Fi!

Project M method:

This method if for people who want both SSBB and Project M, or just want Project M alone. This method requires Homebrew. I'm still researching on how to do it hackless. Just read this guide:


The same download link works with hackless. You have to download it like you originally downloaded P:M. But you cannot have both SSBB and P:M online in the same SD card. You have to switch between. Now, download link:

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

List of people who has SSBB online show


If I missed anyone, please tell me.

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Bean (2014-06-29 08:29:01)
I would do this, but there are so many good memories on my save file that I don't want to lose.
DrakeJericho (2014-06-29 15:15:42)
I'm going to move this to the Wii forum and sticky this.
PokeCat (2014-07-06 22:48:08)

StygianZinny (2014-07-07 21:02:36)
ChampionLeake (2014-07-14 05:07:00)
Thanks Sacky.
Maybe when my Wii is fixed I'll go some rounds with you all.
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Perfect_Chaos (2014-08-09 07:35:46)
I didn't need to change my IP.
(TLE)SmashBros (2014-08-09 20:13:17)
Sack thanks for the guide now I can own some new opponents.
DrakeJericho (2014-08-09 21:51:51)
^ dat siggy
(TLE)SmashBros (2014-08-11 17:05:48)
Thanks Drake. I customized it.
BladeMaster (2014-09-30 18:12:45)
Me and SolarFusion have MKW Online now... Soon SSBB too.

soooo happy!
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BladeMaster (2014-10-29 15:17:59)
Hey, I just gotta ask, does anybody on this list have The Last Story?
Wake Me in my darkest hour,
So I can fling myself off the tallest tower.


zombieslayer1 (2014-11-11 23:53:42)
You forgot 2 more steps...
4.Go to the Wii/Wii U Internet settings and choose the connection you're using.
Set "Auto-obtain DNS" to "No".
Insert into Primary DNS and Secondary DNS.
Save Settings and perform a connection test. It should succeed. On the Wii U, you can choose "End" to skip the connection test.

Non USB version (NEED SD CARD!!!)

Install brainslug to your SD card. Just extract it to the root folder of the SD card. (It doesn't seem to work from a USB drive.)
Start Brainslug in the Homebrew Channel and insert the game you want to play.

Ocarina Code

If you are using a USB loader, you can use this Ocarina code instead (thanks to FIX94 on GBAtemp for making this code):

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Wii U:

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