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MYST (3DS) Review
Started by Crush42
(2014-07-02 16:42:15)
connor10 (2014-07-02 17:11:55)
Nice review!
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PANZERFAUST (2016-01-24 01:49:30)
I bought this game for $10 a long time ago. It was just bloody awful. Not only were the controls just absolute , but the game kept crashing whenever I was almost finished! On top of that, after it crashed it would delete my progress and make me start over, regardless of whether I had saved my game progress just 10 minutes prior to the crash.

Not exactly my idea of fun...
Sleep (I've Been Slipping)
Perfect_Chaos (2016-01-25 07:43:39)

Spoiler: show
A well-made world, beautiful for its time. A masterpiece in 90s gaming.
A perfect remastered version enhancing the graphics, while staying true and respectful to the original, makes sure each detail is beautiful and realistic.
This pile of .

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Crush42 (2016-07-15 22:13:50)

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