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Long-anticipated Deleter 3000 released
Started by SomeLuigi
(2014-08-29 13:17:44)
SomeLuigi (2014-08-29 13:17:44)
I just released the long-awaited Deleter 3000.

Now with pink artwork for convenient access!

This is a forum mods-only feature which bans a user and wipes the forums clean of them. Helpful for spammers.

This is an improvement to the now-retired Deleter 2000 because it actually deletes the topics.

Please use responsibly.
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(Capt.)Orb (2014-08-29 14:56:13)
Aviation fact: The a380 is the largest commerical aircraft in service!

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FluxerCry (2014-08-29 18:26:18)
Finally. This is great, but us forum mods still need a proper way of banning someone... Hate to sound ungrateful, but it is a very pressing matter. We can use this on people who do nothing but advertise in this plaza, but we still have no real power or authority when we have to go to the biased chat mods and ask them whenever we need someone banned, which will only happen if we explain the whole story and they agree with us.

And the placement might be a little too convenient. Wouldn't want to use it by accident.

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little5 (2014-08-29 20:29:02)
I can't wait to test it out on the next spam bot.
iceman (2014-08-29 20:49:52)
TheAlexRider (2014-08-29 21:00:03)
I see meia and spencer are sitting in a tree happy with it. Agteed with Fluxer and +1
CodyP2000 (2014-08-29 21:22:51)
^ Agteed
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ChampionLeake (2014-08-31 01:38:39)
Now you Forum mods don't have to stress deleting spam topics.
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carlos11 (2014-08-31 20:27:34)
But I liked deleting manually.

I never learned how to use the D2000...or the D1000.
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AntiChrist (2014-09-01 18:36:53)
Oh yes. How pleasent. Heheh
open up ur chakras
little5 (2014-10-11 14:12:15)
PhoenixDawn (2014-10-20 17:49:50)
Based off of what I have seen, it is useful.
wellsandlava (2014-12-03 00:06:55)
That's true! ^
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