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3ds points giveway every week
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Started by simontv17
(2014-10-19 05:38:20)
simontv17 (2014-10-19 05:38:20)
Please place your name in the tread every week for a chance to get some 3ds Plaza points. I will try to remove the posts after the giveaway has been done.

New Rules:
*No rude messages
*Ban accounts or removed accounts can not win the giveaway. You may renter the giveaway next week if your ban expired.

New rule October 8, 2016
*There must be at least 3 users to start the giveaway (on both my giveaway)

This post has been edited one or more times, the last time was:
2016-10-09 02:00:09

Shalala (2014-10-19 05:55:45)


DrakeJericho (2014-10-19 06:25:39)
Nutsy (2014-10-19 08:35:25)
Smashsonic123 (2014-10-19 09:29:23)
Nintendo Network ID: RoweeR
[bold]Shrek needs to be in Smash bros and FNaF.[/bold]
simontv17 (2014-10-19 23:44:09)
Since I can't remove your post I will post a new message "new week starts" to end last week's giveaway. Be sure to subscribe, like, and comment on simontv17's YouTube channel at
PhoenixDawn (2014-10-20 01:59:04)
Wow woah haow woW
AntiChrist (2014-10-20 02:22:42)
Cool idea, simon, but points from this website have become almost entirely useless now. Maybe they will have some use in the future, but by then everyone will already have too many points for them ever to be useful again unless things that cost over 3000 points are made. However, that's still unlikely.
PhoenixDawn (2014-10-20 03:22:19)
^ Exactly. Kishy has over 10K
Jason2k14 (2014-10-20 19:50:57)

3DSPoints aren't even worth anything anymore, so why even do so? What could we possibly do with 3DSPoints other than showing off to other people that you have a lot of 3DSPoints? ( Yes, most people have done that in the past, I don't know about now )
little5 (2014-10-21 00:43:05)
Kishy has over 100k*

PhoenixDawn (2014-10-21 02:17:06)
That's what I was thinking. I just chose 10k.
simontv17 (2014-10-28 01:42:38)
Smashsonic123 wins 30 3ds plaza points. Second and third place is Phoeniawn and DrakeJericho got second and third.

New week on enties begin after this post.

Nutsy (2014-10-28 02:13:55)
Perfect_Chaos (2014-10-28 02:16:30)
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