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Homebrewed Wii to Wii U Transfer
Started by nintenman99
(2014-12-25 16:14:42)
nintenman99 (2014-12-25 16:14:42)
Is this safe? I just got a Wii U, and want to transfer my stuff.

I have ModMii, and HBC.
Are you retro?
BirdJesus (2014-12-27 05:52:44)
Probably not, I imagine. I'm pretty sure you can remove them, however.
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Perfect_Chaos (2014-12-30 04:40:17)
Homebrew doesn't get transferred

Vectrex (2015-01-02 21:02:39)
It doesn't work. The firmware the Wii mode uses blocks out HBC and ModMii. As far as I know, you can install HBC on wii mode though.
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nintenman99 (2015-01-04 20:23:09)
Never mind, it was fine. It left my WAD's, HBC, and mods on the old Wii, which were not hard to uninstall.
Are you retro?
nintenman99 (2015-07-07 15:53:43)
Are you retro?

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