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Started by Trollalot0
(2014-12-28 20:49:28)
Trollalot0 (2014-12-28 20:49:28)
I'm aware that there aren't a lot of Monster Hunter fans here, so i don't mind the hate that this thread gets. But for those who do, will you be getting the game next year, and what weapon would you use? (or what weapon you do use if you have previous titles)

I might give dual blades a chance when I get it, as i mainly use great swords, long swords and bows in MH3U down.

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TetrisDude335 (2014-12-28 20:54:49)
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TFDFrance (2014-12-29 02:41:36)
All of them.
That's hot.
Green_plesioth (2014-12-29 04:06:29)
Foolish hunters, our armies are going to come at you with guns blazing this time around. I do hope you are ready, and we are ready for a good fight, better than MH3U's. Bye now, and I, Green Plesioth, will see you in 2015.
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carlos11 (2014-12-29 05:44:42)
It looks so cool, but I don't know how to play or if I'd be good or if I'd enjoy it.

The main problem is that the MH3U Demo sucked really badly, and left a horrible first impression on me of the entire franchise.
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Nutsy (2014-12-29 06:58:58)
When I played Freedom I used Hammers and Greatswords. I might give Longswords a chance.
RinFujimaru (2014-12-30 00:41:49)
Release date is March 31, 2015, unless that's some kind of placeholder date.
Carlos, you should forget (most) everything from the demo, as MH4U gameplay is very different.
Not to mention how much smarter Monster AI is.

I used Longsword, Hammer, Dual Blades, GunLance back in 3 Ultimate. This time around, I'm gonna try to use everything. Being skilled in any weapon type will hopefully open much more dynamic gameplay. And easier grinding

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I've got nothing good to put here.

Kik me, PwnKing123, if you want to talk to me more. I'll probably forget about Plaza altogether.

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SackThing101 (2014-12-30 01:40:31)
I used, and still use Long Sword, Hammer, Lance, Switch Axe, Hunting Horn, Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Bow and basically every weapon besides GS and GL (because SnS and DBs hardly takes any effort for me) in 3U. I'll also include the Insect Staff in my list.
Nutsy (2014-12-30 02:28:35)
I forgot about Switchaxes I wanna use those.
RinFujimaru (2014-12-31 01:41:13)
Some monsters, while under the feral virus' control, are capable of over-coming the virus, and use it as some kind of boost. Then, they can "rage" on top of that state, an go into "Extreme Condition". They get damage increase, new moves, more armored body parts.


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I've got nothing good to put here.

Kik me, PwnKing123, if you want to talk to me more. I'll probably forget about Plaza altogether.

Mi Nomine Baphomet.
Come dance with me.
Trollalot0 (2014-12-31 01:52:07)
I suppose i should aquaint myself with all weapon types, as I have figured out through playing 3U that certain weapons work differently on different monsters than other weapons.

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much poor
such charity
Nutsy (2014-12-31 05:42:30)
I just need to be able to cut the parts off.
SackThing101 (2015-01-02 17:10:39)
Long Swords are great for cutting parts off, if used correctly.
Nutsy (2015-01-02 18:37:17)
What does the Combo Gauge do with Longswords? They didn't have them in Freedom.
SackThing101 (2015-01-04 09:37:47)
When you get the final slice in your Spirit combo (the Combo Gauge), it increases your attack. There's three levels of it. White, yellow, and pink/red. White gives +12 attack, yellow gives +24 attack, pink/red gives +36 attack. However, the higher you gok the more quickly that level will go down, though, it will not completely deplete. Say if you have the pink/red level, and it runs out. You'll go back to yellow, but of course, you can refill it.

If you are talking about the actual gauge, then you fill it by attacking monsters, until you hear a noise indicating that it's full. Then you just use your R button multiple times, and at the final hit of the spirit combo, (already explained).
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