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3DSPlaza's fourth anniversary
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Started by Robdeprop
(2015-02-01 01:52:11)
Robdeprop (2015-02-01 01:52:11)
Four years ago, on 31 january 2011, was founded!

3DSPlaza has been an active community and many things have happened in those years and would like to thank you all for being a part of it. Without you, 3DSPlaza would not be what it is today. You guys were the reason for me to continue managing and improving 3DSPlaza

I haven't always been equally active. There have been times where I've been working on 3DSPlaza non-stop, and periods of time where I didn't even show up for months.

For the past year I have not done any major upgrades to the website, but I kept checking in here every now and then to keep an eye on you all

I think this would be a proper moment to inform you all about some shrouded things and announce some others.

1) Newsletters coming soon!
As most of you know, the registration system on 3DSPlaza has recently been changed and now requires you enter and validate an email address.

I thought it might be a neat idea to have an optional 3DSPlaza newsletter that you can apply for. This newsletter will of course contain a summary of the news on 3DSPlaza and the Nintendo 3DS world, along with some other things and little bonuses that you can get exclusively through the newsletter.

To apply for the newsletter, go to your profile settings and set "Allow 3DSPlaza to email you newsletters" to yes. (Note that it requires you to have a validated email address linked to your account)

2) Mystery Project will get more info soon
In my last announcement topic, I stated that I am working with my friend Mitchell to create a game, without any further information. You can expect to get more information on this and most likely a preview video/trailer in the coming few weeks.

We might be giving away early access to the game through codes in the 3DSPlaza newsletter.

3) Project Triniate
Speaking of mysterious projects, there has been a lot of confusion about Project Triniate. The last news was that due to a server crash, in combination with failed backups, almost all of Triniate's files has been lost. The official URL has been displaying a similar message.

Project Triniate has been like this for a long time now. Soon it will be decided if Project Triniate will continue or be discontinued, or take a new direction alltogether. I want to be able to give you all clarity on what's going to happen to Triniate soon.

4) "About the 3DS" section
This part of 3DSPlaza has had obsolete information in it for way too long now. Which is why I'm happy to announce that with the help of ModernSonic, this section will be rewritten.

5) Home4DSi
Home4DSi has switched from webhost today. This itself is not really worth going into detail about.
However, the main thing I want to say about Home4DSi is that you can expect tge registration page to be re-enabled within the next week.

Thank you for your attention. Let's strive to make it another great year on 3DSPlaza, I hope to see you all on the big fifth anniversary of our community!

- Robdeprop

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2015-02-22 19:57:07

January 31st 2017: 3DSPlaza's sixth anniversary!
Barioth (2015-02-01 02:01:48)
AlmightyKey (2015-02-01 02:02:21)
My cinnamon roll (Met KJH 15-09-28)<3
Jason2k15 (2015-02-01 02:12:27)
Incoming chatfegs.

So, when is Plaza going to die 5real? If that ever happens, I want to see the reactions from some people from here onto either the FB community/h4d/etc.

but enyweys

I'll be checking in on this site from time to time. It's not as good as it used to be, but it wouldn't hurt to check in.
TetrisDude335 (2015-02-01 05:00:00)
Woo! I almost forgot completely. But hey, happy birthday, Plaza. 4 years of memories, drama, and gaming.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-02-03 11:38:39)
Chloeee (2015-02-03 13:50:00)
My life is a chip in your pile. Ante up!
AgurettiLeaf (2015-02-04 20:24:59)
SMOGamerX (2015-02-05 02:16:39)
happy bday 3DSPlaza!
My baby peepo
qwp789 (2015-02-05 03:34:51)
I remember the first time I saw the homepage (3DS version) 3 years ago, I was shocked.
Destroiya (2015-02-05 12:27:14)
None may challenge the brotherhood.
I812 (2015-02-05 15:56:36)
Wait what!!! It's already 3DSPlaza's fourth anniversary... I really need to start visiting this site more often.
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ED (2015-02-06 14:01:07)
Glory to 3DSPlaza.
May it live a long active and updated life.
Vectrex (2015-02-07 05:11:25)
YES! YES! YES! I'm so happy! Also, 4 years?

...W0w, I'm so insignificant.
Discord: Luna#5707
Twitter: @LunaDook
Cr1tiKaL (2015-02-07 13:29:05)
Nice, I guess.
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