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MH4U Resource Megathread
Started by OtherSilhouette
(2015-02-25 03:19:40)
OtherSilhouette (2015-02-25 03:19:40)
Everyone remember to update your game to v1.1. If you talk to the cat in your house after the update you get a starter pack including some really good stuff along with the necessities to make either Mario or Luigo (only one, choose wisely!) armor for your palico.

Hey everyone. Its been a while since ive been on and im a little ashamed that there isn't more enthusiasm for MH4U. Nevertheless as a huge fan of this game I feel entitled to make a megathread for all sorts information to be posted on! So here it is.

*Please keep in mind that the images included would cause extreme lag on some devices, which is why I decided to post links instead.
*also keep in mind that although some of this is common knowledge to some of you, this thread is also open to newbies so have some respect. Oh, and yes, most of this is from reddit.

First is first, knowing how to use your weapon. Gaijen Hunter has been a gift to the MH community recently with his amazing tutorials on all the weapons (as well as other guides). Here is a link to his Youtube channel. As far as I am concerned, he has a guide for every weapon. I also recommend you watch his recent video on Expeditions.


Gathering spots on all the maps.

This was posted on reddit a few days ago and its a huge help. The picture is huge, though, so im posting a direct link to the imgur page.there.

Guide to taking screenshots:
*direct copy and paste from some reddit user
Spoiler: show
Here is how you take screenshots.

- Log onto Miiverse using your Nintendo Network ID (NNID) and join the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate community.
- Once you have joined, you can hit the home button while you are playing MH4U and then open Miiverse. This will not close your game.
- In Miiverse, create a post and click the image button in the upper left hand corner.
- Select one screen or both and then create a post.
- This will post it to the Miiverse community for all to see.
- Follow these steps to allow you to log in to Miiverse on your PC
- Go to and log in to find your post.
- Download the screenshot.
- Post screenshot to Imgur.
- Link here and enjoy your in-game screenshots that aren't low quality.


Note: Only works on the N3DS and N3DSXL

Monster weakness chart.

Also a big picture, here is an imgur link.


Spoiler: show

-you can start climbing a wall without sheathing, just evade toward it and press A.
-to get out of being stunned faster, go crazy on your circle pad and spam B. (same for when you are pinned by a monster).
-when burned, run to a river or stop, drop, and roll (evade) to make the status affliction go away
-when you are drowsy, stand near a ledge. If you fall asleep you'll fall off the ledge and wake up.
-If you see a weird looking air balloon in the sky during a quest (sometimes visible at camp) wave at it and you'll see where the monster is for a good five seconds.
-almost all monsters have a moment at the end of their roar where you can land in a few stabs if you're mounting.
-NEVER attack a monster while its being mounted. The person mounting will be thrown off.
-Crouching while carving/gathering saves you about .60 seconds.
-you can hold A when combining items and the items will keep doing so.
-you can change the color scheme of your armor if you go in your house>item box>change appearance>armor.

For any other things like monster carve probability and the like this should be your go-to place. You might as well bookmark it right now because it is an extremely helpful MH4 tool that has everything from weapon paths to monster damage charts.

That's basically all the information I have collected so far that I think anybody who plays this game could benefit from. If anybody wants to contribute anything then leave a comment or PM me. I made this to help our hunters of 3DSPlaza and if there's more information we could use then I will add it quickly. Cheers.

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kingmick (2015-02-25 04:44:20)
You hero. I didn't even know some of these myself. Thanks.
1vs1? Lets do this.
OtherSilhouette (2015-03-01 07:28:14)
^no problem m8, im here to help
little5 (2015-03-03 23:27:42)
carlos11 (2015-03-05 03:09:38)
Uhm, ok.
Language is a tool for efficient communication. The internet is a tool for fast communication. Do not defy both intents by posting incoherent writing.
HeroOfTrains (2015-03-05 23:53:53)
HR thread's better
I'm Perfect_Chaos
Badly made gif
OtherSilhouette (2015-03-09 04:53:03)
^did you even read that thread, or at least glimpse at mine? They cover two completely different things.

Anyway, I really dont think a sticky is necessary, since not many people play the game. It seems to just be taking up space

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HeroOfTrains (2015-03-09 23:07:43)
ik, but HR Thread's better.
I'm Perfect_Chaos
Badly made gif
~Nia~Teppelin~ (2015-07-12 04:09:30)
People can just google all this instead its really not hard, and I find it hard to believe this will help noobs considering the fact it doesn't have most of the common mistakes noob hunters make now a days.

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Tamos14 (2015-08-24 23:43:59)
My mom wont
get me the game even though i want it so bad

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