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[Extension] PlazaTools v3.0.2
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Started by MarioErmando
(2015-02-27 23:18:18)
MarioErmando (2015-02-27 23:18:18)

Get it for Chrome - Get it for Firefox (OLD)

PlazaTools is an extension that adds a bunch of new features to 3DSPlaza, such as notifications, shortcuts and more.

With it, you can
- Get notified when someone:
- mentions your name in the chat
- whispers to you
- posts on the forums
- Use emoticons easily using the emoticon picker
- Right click an username in the chat for shortcuts to commands
- Have clickable links in the chat
- Get thumbnails for image links
- Reply faster on the forums with the quote and reply buttons
- Jump to the last page of a topic faster
- Forum like a boss with the rich text editor
- Upload images easily without having to get an URL
- And more!


The control panel

A notification from PlazaTools

The emoticon selector, for easier emoticon usage

The reply button, for easier communication on the forums

The rich text editor, so you can forum like a boss!

So, what are you waiting for? Get PlazaTools now!

Get it for Chrome - Get it for Firefox (OLD)

If you have any problems, don't hesitate to PM me!


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DrakeJericho (2015-02-27 23:19:15)
why aren't you admin yet +1
little5 (2015-02-27 23:20:26)
Seems cool, but more like a gag rather than something useful.

It's still cool. +1

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Jason2k15 (2015-02-27 23:30:44)
First, you give us a cSplit generator, and now this?

Jesus, you are something. You clearly need to be an admin.
I'll be checking in on this site from time to time. It's not as good as it used to be, but it wouldn't hurt to check in.
Mephistopheles (2015-02-27 23:49:17)
UnitedUdders (2015-02-27 23:49:57)
You little watermelon.

Nutsy (2015-02-27 23:55:29)
Erman bby. +1
Perfect_Chaos (2015-02-28 00:50:10)
ily Ermando

(Capt.)Orb (2015-02-28 02:43:31)
Awesome job. +1
Aviation fact: The a380 is the largest commerical aircraft in service!

Go to Splashiverse! Splashiverse
Bean (2015-02-28 08:49:02)
This is going to be useful for chat moderators.
MarioErmando (2015-02-28 22:38:52)
Thanks for your replies, everyone!
I've pushed the update v1.1.0, which adds bunch of improvements to PlazaTools!
Here's what has been added:
+Notification timeout
Now you can make the notifications only last for a few seconds, instead of having to close each!

+Notification sound
Now you'll hear a sound whenever you get mentioned in the chat! You can turn this off in the settings if you wish.

+Smoother animations
The control panel interface is now more smooth.

On the control panel, I've added tabs for better navigation.

+Update checking
Now you'll get a little blue icon on the control panel button whenever there's a new update for PlazaTools! You can update using your greasemonkey extension's update feature;
I hope you liked the update, stay tuned for more!

Also, don't hesitate to PM me if you have problems!

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ED (2015-03-01 17:18:04)
We got Erman +1
Jason2k15 (2015-03-01 18:33:27)
Oh, and also, maybe you can make one for the Forums as well? Sure, you can jsut go back pages for it, but what if you commented on a lot of threads and sooner or later, you forget you posted on one or two threads? Somebody then wants to reply to one of your posts with a "*username here* *includes post here*" and you never realized.
I'll be checking in on this site from time to time. It's not as good as it used to be, but it wouldn't hurt to check in.
MarioErmando (2015-03-01 22:34:22)
@Jason2k15 I might try that, thanks for your suggestion!
New version is out! Unfortunately, no big features this time, but we got bug fixes!
Here's what has changed in v1.1.1 and v1.2.0:
+Whisper detection
PlazaTools can now notify you when someone whispers to you!

+Fixed a bug where you couldn't save your settings

+Fixed updates
I found out that greasemonkey couldn't update the script, because of a scripting error. I fixed it, however you have to reinstall the script to get the update. I'm really sorry!

+Update badge
When there's a new update available, there will be a blue badge on the control panel button, so you'll never miss an update!

+Other bug fixes and small improvements
So, I hope you liked the update!

As I said, the update system in older versions were broken, so you have to reinstall the script. I'm really sorry.

Also don't hesitate to PM me if you have problems! I can't fix bugs if I don't know about them!


(Goes to sleep)

Perfect_Chaos (2015-03-02 01:21:35)
Too bad I can't use this, I only have Wii U and 3ds

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