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Play Gamecube Games on Wii/U Tutorial
Started by DrakeJericho
(2015-03-06 14:55:03)
DrakeJericho (2015-03-06 14:55:03)
NOTE: This only works on "Homebrewed" Wii's/vWii's(The virtual Wii on Wii U's). If you need guide on how to install the Homebrew Channel onto your Wii, click here

DISCLAIMER Though it is highly unbound to happen, I am not responsible for any damage caused to your Wii / Wii U system.

What you'll need

- An SD Card or USB Flash/Hard Drive ( 2GB or more )
- A PC
- A software entitled "PeaZip" ( WinRAR doesn't seem to work on my laptop for some reason, but I'm almost certain that you can use that too)
- A Wii/Wii U
- A brain

Step One - Getting the software

- You will need to, one, Homebrew your Wii. After that, get the application "Nintendont". This is application you need for the process to work. Once downloaded, you will need to make an "apps" folder on the root of your SD Card/USB. Place the downloaded "nintendont" folder inside there. You now have the software installed.

Step Two - Getting the games

- You will need to get some Gamecube ISOs, which are patched files of the games. I reccomend going to DopeROMs. In the search box, you can look up any Gamecube game of your choosing. Download it.

Step Three - Installing the games

- Once the game(s) has finished downloading, go to the root of your SD Card or USB, and make a folder caled "games" ( if there isn't one already ). Open that created folder, and then make a folder for each of the downloaded games. For example, if I were downloading Super Smash Bros. Melee, I would make the folder named "Super Smash Bros Melee". Once you've made the folder, leave it be, then open up the previously downlaoded software "PeaZip". Inside PeaZip, find the downloaded archive that you got online. You will there see the .iso file. Extract that .iso file to the folder of the game you created ( "Super Smash Bros Melee" ). It may take a little while to download, but it is worth it. Once the extraction is complete, open up the folder of the game you created, and you will find the extracted .iso file. Rename that file "game". If you don't rename it "game", it will not work. Congratulations, you've installed the game successfully.

Step Four - Running the game

- Insert your SD Card or USB into your Wii/Wii U console. Open up the Homebrew Channel, then launch Nintendont. Inside, you will find two options. "SD" or "USB". Choose the one that you've installed the game onto, and you will find the games. But first, open the settings. Scroll down to "Memcard Emulation" and turn that ON if it isn't already. Now you're ready to launch the game. Click the game you want, and have fun!

Any questions, comments, complaints, concerns, don't hesitate to ask. :^)

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Nutsy (2015-03-06 15:01:09)
BirdJesus (2015-03-06 17:40:58)
Just use 7Zip. It's free and it's good.
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TheIronMadden (2015-03-09 00:28:34)
Have fun getting bricked by Nintendo if you're using a Wii U. Just sayin'.
Gold (2015-04-26 03:26:26)
This is how I play Melee on my Wii U.
carlos11 (2015-05-19 09:12:08)
We all know that Nintendo can make anyone's WiiU explode at the press of a button.

If Club Nintendo was not enough wreckage, go ahead, do this stuff.
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DrakeJericho (2015-05-21 00:07:36)
^ Do it on your Wii, then. They don't care about that.
ChampionLeake (2015-05-28 00:39:31)
Can you stick this?
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