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Started by Fayne_Aldan
(2015-04-26 05:00:54)
Shane (2016-03-27 04:15:59)
WiiUGuy (2016-04-01 21:56:12)
Wii U version plz. 1 click Link!
! Warning WiiUGuy stop flooding the hat just to get cSplit !
Give A Wow HERE!
(It\'s free. just click that image of doge.)

ColdFire (2016-04-12 23:16:56)
Who is still using this?

SimonGiurca (2016-06-06 13:27:54)
Where to get the dsi Bookmark version?
Give a WoW to the famous: show
Windowsxp (2016-06-25 23:23:50)
Add a PLZ UNIGNORE ME feature?

‮Please feel free to give a wow!
ProjectEevee reboot (not mine).
Windowsxp (2016-06-25 23:24:53)

‮Please feel free to give a wow!
ProjectEevee reboot (not mine).
Windowsxp (2016-07-02 14:22:06)
@SimonGiurca You can't. Fayne had already tooken that down.

(r.i.p mobile version.)

‮Please feel free to give a wow!
ProjectEevee reboot (not mine).
Fayne_Aldan (2016-07-04 16:36:51)
Sorry I haven't updated this in a while. I started to somewhat rewrite Plaza+ on my laptop, which didn't work very well. I got a new desktop recently and finished getting everything set up the other day. Later today I'll get back to work on the rewrite. I hope to have everything rewritten by tomorrow, then development can continue. I have some crazy ideas for Plaza+, including more textboxes, speech recognition (maybe), and maybe an icon editor. Also, with the rewrite, I may be able to bring back the bookmarklet version, allowing mobile and DSi users to use Plaza+, and I also might be able to update the Firefox version again. Stay tuned for more details!
Fayne_Aldan (2016-08-07 03:44:10)
Hey, guys! I updated to Plaza+ to 4.7! Here is the changelog:
The Firefox version is back to receiving regular updates! Just make sure you have at least Firefox 48.0.
Due to how Firefox works, the options page now has only a "Save" button instead of "Apply", "Cancel", and "OK".
The options page also now has a saved confirmation message, thanks to that last change.
I optimized how the code was compressed, which should at least half the size of the download.
Slightly changed how notifications are delivered, which may delay them by up to 3 seconds.
Removed references to the old chatrooms.
Fixed a typo that caused the online list sorting to be permanently enabled.
Somewhat rewrote the code, so there may be more changes I forgot about.

Note: The Chrome version is already available, but the Firefox version may take a day or longer to be delivered, due to Mozilla's review process.

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2016-08-07 03:47:03

Carmilla (2016-08-07 04:29:52)
^ *Broke ass whispers
smoke weed
Fayne_Aldan (2016-08-11 13:14:48)
Plaza+ 4.7.2 has been released, which fixed Plaza+ messages not appearing, fixed the chat becoming unusable if /whisper or /pm failed, and fixed Plaza+ not being able to be installed on Firefox.

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2016-08-12 12:14:27

SuperJakee (2017-06-04 06:28:20)
Are the DSi Bookmarked and Internet Explorer versions done?
carlos12 (2017-09-20 14:45:21)
what happened to plazatools anyway?
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tommy (2018-03-11 03:07:53)
can someone send me more points
tommy danes
tommy (2018-03-11 03:09:31)
can someone send me more 3dsplaza points
tommy danes
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