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3DSPlaza Weekly: 5/2/15
Started by ChampionLeake
(2015-05-02 16:44:53)
ChampionLeake (2015-05-02 16:44:53)
Hello everyone. Back to resume the Plaza Weekly every Saturday. Sorry if I couldn't post the Plaza weekly last week. There was really nothing going on around plaza or Nintendo lately. In this weekly I'll focus on the Chatrooms, forums, Nintendo news, or User events. So lets begin.

The return of the Cow
Yes. The most request feature is back. SomeLuigi has brough the cow back to life. As always every hour you do the /milk cow command. There are new features to it as well. There are milk bottles with an X mark and a check mark. If you milked the cow first you get an additional 50 3DSPoints with a check mark bottle. If you lose 5 3DSPoints will be deducted and you get a X bottle icon.

PlazaTools v2.4.2 Update
Moving on, yesterday Mario Ermando has released his update for the PlazaTools.
Changes in the update:
- Plaza+ compatibility for the emoticon picker.
- Big fix for mention highlight
- Made whisper input bigger on the chatroom.
Go to to update PlazaTools.

MH4U 3DS Theme Free
Next, when you have time on your 3DS go to the Theme Store because the MH4U theme is free. Limited time only so get it fast. The MH4U theme looks like the weapon selection in my opinion. This theme is free because Capcom is celebrating MH4U shipping over 1 million units in Europe and the Americas.

Attack of the Titan 3DS Price Drop
Nintendo has decided to drop the price of Attack of the Titan on May 12th. Also there has been a release date for AoT 3DS for May 2015 which is this month.

Nintendo 3DS update 9.7.0-24
Some of you don't know what this update does but Nintendo released this update tohave 8 slots of the customize home menu. That's basically it and the update blocks some flashcarts.

I hope you enjoy this weeks weekly report. Stay tune for next weeks Plaza news.

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2015-05-02 19:07:23

web developer, homebrew developer, artist, and a musician.
Youtube Channel
My Discord Server
ChampionLeake (2015-05-02 17:00:30)
Newsposted to front page.
web developer, homebrew developer, artist, and a musician.
Youtube Channel
My Discord Server
JaronTheFireCat (2015-05-02 18:24:10)
"Attack of the Titans"

Don't you mean "Attack on Titan"?

little5 (2015-05-02 19:12:07)
"Attack of the Titans" would be more accurate if you watched the show/manga.

Nutsy (2015-05-02 21:14:41)
March of Giants.
ChampionLeake (2015-05-03 02:13:05)
^West version title
web developer, homebrew developer, artist, and a musician.
Youtube Channel
My Discord Server
Fazbear (2015-05-03 06:47:04)
Nice typos.
SlenderDude12 (2015-05-03 12:07:26)
I was waiting for this
Destroiya (2015-05-03 21:13:43)
You forgot my return

Yep, I missed much. Glad to know that cow spammers return.
pierrotsk (2015-05-06 19:53:03)
what is love baby dont hurt me DONT HURT ME

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