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Profile Contest Theme: Summer
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Started by Destroiya
(2015-05-23 01:53:12)
AlexRose (2015-06-22 03:27:01)
WolfBeast (2015-06-22 10:20:32)
What kind of judges are on here. Im not even in any number. What a great compition.
Add me if u want to be in my wolf pack.
DrakeJericho (2015-06-22 13:33:23)
Oh hey I got higher than Erman

...but lower than silveon? <.<

Jk, I liked all your profiles and congrats to everyone
silveon (2015-06-25 07:35:11)
I won.... *screams and fangirls and jumps around the forum room* Omg I thought I would lose to Erman! His profile was amazing! Good job everyone!!! Q 7 Q I could've swore I would have gotten 3rd place!

Everyone's profiles=amazing. Can't wait for next year guys!
! This account has switched to Silvesary !
Destroiya (2015-06-27 01:58:08)
I had forgotten to close this before I left. Now is better than never.
None may challenge the brotherhood.
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