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-= { Most Popular Users Competition } =-
Started by TheAlexRider
(2015-06-29 19:40:57)
TheAlexRider (2015-06-29 19:40:57)
The most popular users contest

Basically, this is a contest to see who the users think is the most popular user. There is 3 winners, Please send me ideas for a reward.

Closing date: 4th July

Judges show
Basically, you get to vote by clicking the link below and thoose results choose who gets to win.

Current contestants(via voted for):

KEY: 1-10 votes
11-20 votes
21-50 votes
50+ votes (probably won't happen...)



Vote Here!

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Dreo (2015-10-12 12:01:01)
Is this uh, overdue? 
you guys are ing losers. It's cute.
NodePoint (2016-02-23 03:13:25)
Bumped by nonsense post (got deleted).
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