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Yummy YouTubers Thread
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Started by Alpaca
(2015-07-02 14:36:49)
Alpaca (2015-07-02 14:36:49)
I find a couple of YouTubers quite delicious so here's a thread dedicated to images of them. Any sfw images of babes from YouTube is fine.

I need excuses to post babes, alright?

You can confess here too. Confess your weird crush on that one YouTuber.

yeah yeah just. have fun
fireblade1 (2015-07-02 14:47:52)
JackSepticEye? but dat accent doe
Perfect_Chaos (2015-07-02 14:48:47)
I don't have any
Perfect_Chaos (2015-07-02 15:25:21)
I do for a few reasons

1. It's nice to see what they think of the game
2. I don't have the game so I just watch others play it
3. They can be funny

But I mostly watch full on let's plays if I don't have the game. Also some are ing hilarious.
Alpaca (2015-07-02 15:30:22)
I don't watch LPs that much, dude.

I mostly watch non-serious games. Like I've been keeping up with GG watching Kirby.

And I like that GG does plenty of other stuff that's not Let's Play videos.

I agree you shouldn't spend a ton of time watching but not playing.

I am a huge fan of GG but I still play games myself more than I watch them.

And You'll see below I've gotten into another dude. who doesn't do stuff about gaming, but actually make up. He does like some games though, he's quite a nerd.

But yeah, the only LPs I ever watch are by GG and they don't do just LPs so thats what I like, yknow. They do many things and have their own other channels and such.

also i don't think a fan of mandopony should be insulting anybody honestly

And GameTheory is quite annoying to me.



Spoiler: show

starting with one you guys do not know I love, as I've very recently become find of him

There's this yummy guy, Charlie Short aka Pinkstylist


He's Cosplayed Ghirahim before. <3


But even out of that Cosplay he's super cuuuuuuute, but in an odd way.

He looks kinda like emo garbage, but perhaps it's cute on him? Idk, he's somehow super cute <3

he's not like edge it's alright

he's a grown man. twenty five

precious precious aw


Spoiler: show

he's pretty well known so i think an image will do

arin bby


game grumps

grump bae

Spoiler: show

another most may know, as he is not-so-grump

danny baaaaaabe

ninja sex party

game grumps

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Perfect_Chaos (2015-07-02 15:50:33)
I watch

Cr1tikal (funny af)
VanossGaming (funny af)
Occasionally I watch Markiplier

SkyDoesMinecraft got boring

Jacksepticeye isn't really funny

PewDiePie stopped being funny

iSneakSometimes was never funny

You may not know who he is but you need to, he is so unfunny that I was hurt from it, yes that's right, I was physically and mentally hurt by his videos, do you hear me? His videos will literally hurt you.

We need Retsupurae

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2015-07-02 15:54:30

Alpaca (2015-07-02 15:56:33)
I every once in awhile watch Cr1tikal, but he's actually really hilarious. I should perhaps watch him just a little more.

Again, LPs aren't extremely my thing, hmm...

GG are however ironically one of my fav YouTubers.

But again, they don't do just LPs.
Bean (2015-07-02 16:40:23)
BirdJesus (2015-07-02 16:57:04)
mega said:

"Ugh, I need to go masturbate now. Whenever I get mad or worried, that's what I do."
-mega, the homosexual animal rapist.
Alpaca (2015-07-02 17:55:54)
Charlie is precious /)w(\

UnhingedTool (2015-07-02 19:26:29)
This is gay.
Ayy Lmao.
Alpaca (2015-07-02 19:46:14)
Charlie is gay


he has a boyfriend

who's fugly as hell

Lani (2015-07-02 19:59:11)

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Nemesis (2015-07-02 20:18:41)

Yummy. Wouldn't you lick that right off him?
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
Nemesis (2015-07-02 20:21:35)

I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
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