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What web browser do you prefer?
Started by DeliriousCapps
(2015-07-26 15:02:24)
DeliriousCapps (2015-07-26 15:02:25)
I used to prefer google chrome but have recently switched to Firefox due to Firefox being more convenient and quicker.
Just be nice to everyone, that's how we stay happy.
mordecai (2015-07-31 10:23:19)
chrome, yeauh
Dreo (2015-10-03 02:03:18)
Chrome on Windows and Firefox on OSX
Metro3ds (2017-02-25 13:45:46)
Dreo (2017-10-01 14:51:15)
Lemme correct that. Chrome on high ram, Firefox on low
gghoulies (2017-10-14 03:24:48)
Chrome and Firefox Focus
ikuze1998 (2020-05-22 03:58:48)
ehh i like firefox a lot. tis a good browser

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