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Petition for MarioErmando to become admin
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Started by Gold
(2015-08-03 18:24:54)
Perfect_Chaos (2015-08-05 18:35:24)
Unrelated but...the Kishy?

Anyways since Rob agrees and there's a 150% Erman would accept admin

ChampionLeake (2015-08-05 18:57:38)
I already emailed Rob to look at the thread.
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Lani (2015-08-05 19:16:08)
I was mostly making the point that Rob already considered this, and was leaning towards promoting him anyway. As I said before, this "petition" can serve as a reminder to Rob about it, so I wasn't implying that it's useless...rather, a petition isn't needed to convince Rob since he's already favoring the idea (at least, according to 2 months ago)

Also, petitions express how many people agree on something, but otherwise it can still be brushed off. So unless the targeted authority can be swayed by popular opinion, petitions (outside of the legal world) are usually pretty useless.

I was thinking realistically, not downright negatively. I'm not the only one who expressed an opinion with negative connotations.

Germy (2015-08-06 00:08:23)
never he wanted to get me banned
Nutsy (2015-08-06 01:17:37)
Don't break the rules and you won't get banned.
grencham (2015-08-06 20:42:43)
You know as much as he's done I don't know if admin is a good idea. President of the world sounds much better if you ask me. All jokes aside, yeah, this sounds like a good idea as long as all parties are on board.
iceman (2015-08-06 23:53:53)
I'm still a fan of this idea very much.
Fazbear (2015-08-07 13:30:04)
Erman is gone for a few weeks, he won't be able to see this.
Robdeprop (2015-08-07 14:36:13)
I'm lurking here in the forums more often than you think I am.

Anyways, I mostly agree with everything Lani said so far. I'm thinking about it like I've said before in the chat. If I decide to ask MarioErmando to be an admin, then obviously it still depends on him.
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ChampionLeake (2015-08-07 16:51:25)
@Robdeprop Enough said. How's your new game latey. I also accepted the signup for the Early Beta Access Pass for you.
I'm a web developer, a game developer, a digital artist, musician, and a reverse engineer. A weird mix right?
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ShadowCX11 (2015-08-08 17:00:58)
DrakeJericho (2015-08-08 17:17:43)
That moment when you're in Rob's signature
Leviathan (2015-08-09 03:27:50)
Just as a quick reminder: "I fully intend on making Erman an admin. That's for sure. I just don't know when I'll do it, but it will definitely be some time in 2015."

-Rob 2014
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TsubakiMys (2015-08-10 03:00:08)
Honestly I could care less. Mods or admins don't make a difference on my time here.
Katelyn (2015-08-11 17:41:39)
^ Untill you rage when you get banned
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