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The Cute/Hot SFW Thread
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Started by FluxerCry
(2015-08-27 22:06:03)
FluxerCry (2015-08-27 22:06:03)
it, I'm tired of this . This is a general thread for Cute/Hot pictures. This way we can eliminate the influx of useless "Cute/Hot_____threads," and people who are fans of anime, or even just real life sexiness have a place to post their . Of course, due to the nature of this thread we'll have to employ some courtesy rules:

1. First and foremost, all content in this thread is SFW. No exceptions.
2. Out of courtesy, please put ANY content that is meant to be attractive in a sexual way in a spoiler labelled like so: "Sexy - Anime/MLP/RL/etc." You may copy and paste this code if necessary:
[spoiler=Sexy - (insert content type here)]
3. Keep trolling to a minimum. Lighthearted banter and debate/argument is acceptable, but don't let it get out of hand. We're putting the sexy stuff in spoilers for a reason.

To clarify, anything simply meant to be cure or visually appealing does not require a spoiler. You may post content relating to any franchise, or no franchise at all.

mods show
There is absolutely no reason to close this thread. Get the off your high horse and see if the community takes to the idea. If they don't then so be it. You don't have to control everything.

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2015-08-27 22:09:02

ConnorRonnoc (2015-08-27 22:08:16)
oh he mad now
bite za dusto
Boo (2015-08-27 22:09:45)
Close this! Make him more mad! This is getting hilarious!
FluxerCry (2015-08-27 22:09:47)
You won't like me when I'm mad.

@Boo I think you're overestimating how upset I am. You can swear without frothing at the mouth.

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2015-08-27 22:13:15

Boo (2015-08-27 22:10:43)
Pfft, this is hilarious.
FluxerCry (2015-08-27 22:14:14)
Glad I can entertain.
little5 (2015-08-27 22:32:11)
isn't Sports Illustrated a kids' magazine
FluxerCry (2015-08-27 22:33:58)
It's a nice pic CL3M, but I think it crosses the line a bit. Don't be surprised if it's removed.
Nutsy (2015-08-27 22:39:05)
You have no reason to report ponies, Clem. This is a general thread.
UnhingedTool (2015-08-27 22:42:06)

Ayy Lmao.
Nutsy (2015-08-27 22:46:58)
Are you spiteful or just daft, Clem?

Best grill coming through.

Nutsy (2015-08-27 22:49:56)
Answer my question Clem.
Here's another angle.

UnhingedTool (2015-08-27 22:50:08)

Ayy Lmao.
Nutsy (2015-08-27 22:52:03)
You have no reason to be.
Here she is watching dragonflies mate.

UnhingedTool (2015-08-27 22:53:30)
Stop posting anime grills.

Ayy Lmao.
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