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What, YouTube 3DS?
Started by SuperJakee
(2015-09-15 03:59:37)
SuperJakee (2015-09-15 03:59:37)
Wait, so YouTube is broken on 3DS. So you downloaded the new update. You may of found out it was broken. Loads of things didn't work. Was this because of Google updating? idk. But if you use The Mobile YouTube site. You may have seen, where it has the logo, name and search bar logo... IT HAD TURNED grey. I don't know why it happened.

Bye, Jake

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Shane (2015-09-15 05:01:13)
Nah. It works again.
Shane (2015-09-15 05:03:40)
Plus, Tubehax is back up. Nintendo wasted their time.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-09-15 23:48:49)
"Wait, so YouTube is broken on 3DS."

It's always been broken.

SuperJakee (2015-09-16 07:18:10)
Perfect_Chaos, in the last update!
Shane (2015-09-16 12:30:40)
It's not broken lmao.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-09-17 00:15:31)
The app literally used to crash every other video. Even afterwards, there were exploits that took you to the broken mobile browser.

Shane (2015-09-18 12:45:48)
^It doesn't do that anymore.
xxBOGGERxx (2015-12-25 10:04:43)
Whats Tubehax?

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Crush42 (2015-12-26 00:13:05)
Google it, ya damn bump.
ChampionLeake (2015-12-30 03:39:17)

Never knew this was bumped

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