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Review: Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson
Started by Crush42
(2015-09-21 02:55:24)
Bean (2015-09-21 06:56:12)
i can tell what i'm in for if i buy this just by looking at that image
jgirl94 (2015-09-21 09:35:46)
also u get a free character by having burst an& clicking sd card on the menu 😊
We are here to heal, not to harm; to love, not to hate; to create, not destroy
Shane (2015-09-21 17:30:45)
And this game is so good even pictures are banned on Miiverse.
BirdJesus (2015-09-25 03:00:24)
>Nearly perfect score

Anime titties sure are magical.
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-mega, the homosexual animal rapist.
pikarceus (2015-11-12 02:43:04)


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