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[GUIDE] Getting the homebrew launcher for the 3DS
Started by Shii
(2015-09-27 23:42:26)
Shii (2015-09-27 23:42:26)
This is a guide on how to get the homebrew launcher for the Nintendo 3DS! This guide will cover most of the exploits that it can currently offer!

- An Empty SD Card (Recommended strength(2GB or larger))
- Updated System From 9.0.0-X up to and including 10.1.0-X, for X up to and include 27.
- File Manager (Computer/Android Phone/iPhone) <- Just something to put files onto the SD Card

Before getting started,
You will need a standalone exploit before getting a secondary exploit. Secondary exploits pretty much requires, standalone exploits first.

StandAlone Exploits
- NinjaHax
- TubeHax
- SmashBrosHax (New 3DS Only)
- BrowserHax

Secondary Exploits
- IronHax
- OOT3DHax
- themehax(Home Menu)

Preparing your SD Card
Download the boot.3dsx and put that file in the root of your SD card. Then create a folder named sensitively "3ds". The applications will go inside the 3ds/ folder!

Not required: For a faster setup, smea created a starter kit that you can just take the files/folders from the root of the zip to the root of the SD card.

NinjaHax 2.1
Head over to smea's website in order to install NinjaHax.

First, you will need the YouTube application from the eShop!

After downloading the application, go to the settings application in the Home Menu!
Remember what version your 3DS is. Should be located at the bottom right of your top screen! In the image below, the version would be 7.0.0-13U!

Browse: Internet Settings>Connection Settings>YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION>Change Settings>DNS

Set Auto-Obtain DNS to No and select Detailed Setup

Change your Primary DNS to

After that, exit the settings applications and go straight to the YouTube application. You should have this on your bottom screen!

WARNING! If you have the New 3DS, select NEW! If you have the OLD 3DS, select OLD and what version you currently have! If you select the wrong firmware version, you will have to change it to match the right one. Its a good thing that Smea created a button where you can re-select your firmware version! Also, SOMETIMES it may FAIL to launch the homebrew launcher. If it fails, it will reboot the system for you to try again. Though, if it continuously fails, you may have to change your firmware version to the right one.

After that, Merry Christmas!

SmashBrosHax (New 3DS Only)
(Instructions Coming Soon)

(Instructions Coming Soon)

(Instructions Coming Soon)

(Instructions Coming Soon)

You will need a StandAlone exploit(A way to get into the homebrew launcher) to install ThemeHax.
Grab your SD Card and insert it into the computer. Download this application! (
Go inside the zip file and copy the folder that is in the 3ds folder labeled "themehax_installer" and bring it to the 3ds folder in your SD Card where all of your applications are located.
Now, grab your SD card and insert it into the 3DS. Find a way into the homebrew launcher by using one of the StandAlone exploits.
You should see the application themehax_installer v1.2 within your applications. Launch it.
You should see a quote at the bottom of your screen, stated "This will install Home Menu themehax to the SD card, for booting hblauncher. Are you sure you want to continue? A = yes, B = no."
Press A.
It may fail due to Internet Connection not existing so make sure your are connected to the internet.
After it finish installing, press the START button to exit.
Exit the homebrew launcher.
COMPLETELY, turn off your 3DS system.
Turn it back on, and HOLD L until your top screen shows statics. Bam... Happy Easter.


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