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What do you do on the internet?
Started by Dreo
(2015-10-11 05:55:16)
Dreo (2015-10-11 05:55:16)
As the title says, what do you do on the internet?
What I do. show
 I'm usually just on Facebook to speak to particular people, or chatting in 3dsPlaza and that's about it e.o
Sometimes I'm gaming on my PC obviously, but that's rarely nowadays.

squirtle2016 (2016-02-25 03:44:02)

This should go under "User-Submitted Polls".
Stop, or you die.
MissJanie (2016-03-07 10:57:37)
^ Stop bumping dead threads.

WiiUGuy (2016-05-11 11:26:16)
I sent a glitch post. Unfortunately, it didn't post..
! Warning WiiUGuy stop flooding the hat just to get cSplit !
Give A Wow HERE!
(It\'s free. just click that image of doge.)
Metro3ds (2017-02-25 13:42:00)
Watch furry hentai, duh

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2017-02-25 13:42:11

Dreo (2017-10-01 14:50:50)
@squirtle2016 Lmao no. It's not a poll.

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