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Devices you visit Plaza on?
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Started by Dreo
(2015-10-11 07:27:00)
Dreo (2015-10-11 07:27:00)
Hey ya'll. Which devices do you use to visit 3dsPlaza on and why?
Me show
 I use a laptop because it's very convenient, it's been a few years since I've visited here on a DS. I won't visit Plaza on my phone because, ew. I pretty much only use the PC version of the site.

you guys are ing losers. It's cute.
MarioErmando (2015-10-11 09:30:12)
My laptop, my phone at school (gotta moderate the forums y'know)
i like boys owo
Dreo (2015-10-11 10:02:20)
Sneaky Erman, logging at school
you guys are ing losers. It's cute.
little5 (2015-10-11 10:23:23)
My iPad.
ChampionLeake (2015-10-11 17:33:53)
I use the 3DS, PC, DSi, and an iPhone. I made a tab app for the o3DS so I can watch everyone.
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AgurettiLeaf (2015-10-11 19:47:52)
New 3DS XL (gotta rub it in yo), PC, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and Samsung Galaxy 5
LouiseValliere (2015-10-12 01:16:11)

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little5 (2015-10-12 14:22:36)
Oh yeah, and my phone.
AntiChrist (2015-10-13 01:20:30)
Phone. I'd use my Ipod of 3ds if something happened to it.
open up ur chakras
Boo (2015-10-13 14:55:59)
Phone mostly. Sometimes Wii U, Computer, or my 3DS.
Nutsy (2015-10-13 16:39:55)
Phone, laptop when I had it, 3DS when I'm listening to something on my phone or if my phone got taken away.
Delta (2015-10-14 02:52:23)
Phone and Laptop

@Erman I use a VPN at school
MarioErmando (2015-10-14 12:35:03)
@Delta I don't have access to the school computers, also no blocked websites

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i like boys owo
ObeyMercilia (2015-10-15 04:27:01)
Personally, I use my Glade Air Freshener. That's just me, though.
XO. <3
Gold (2015-10-18 04:14:20)
Used to visit mostly on my 3DS and Wii U, now it's mainly my iPod.
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