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3DSPlaza has died
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Started by Mjordan23
(2015-10-19 21:30:33)
Mjordan23 (2015-10-19 21:30:33)
Its not the same anymore... Lol with 5 new useres a week (before registering was closed) and 6 people in chats... 50% of the users haven't even been online in weeks, The dev's of 3dsplaza need something new.
CoolApps (2015-10-19 21:44:06)
Do you even know how old the ORIGINAL 3DS is?

Development here had been abandoned long ago. The only reason these days for a dev to work on this site is for security fixes.
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Draught (2015-10-20 11:44:31)
Headphanie. ∞
Michael94 (2015-10-20 14:00:22)
New 3DSPlaza, though...?

Nope. Not happening. Ever.
Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 5:44pm EST. I guess it can't be helped...
Cr1tiKaL (2015-10-20 19:16:46)
Where did time go?
Katelyn (2015-10-21 22:15:39)
time went to hell
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AntiChrist (2015-10-22 00:45:10)
Because of the amount of time I've spent here and the number of fond memories associated with this website, I'll admit that I've become somewhat emotionally attached to this place kind of like how one would be with their childhood home. If I hadn't come here years ago, there would be many more things about myself that I would still have yet to learn about. I will be here until every last trace of the overall personality of this website have faded.

I have no doubt in my mind that many other people who have been here for a while are the same way. No matter how long they leave this place, it will be temporary. They will return every once in a while. The overwhelming sense of nostalgia I find every once in a while will never fail to have the same effect on me. It is in our nature to be this way. Humans look at the past as a more fulfilling, utopian and brighter age.

But this place will cease to exist despite that. Which is why, before it goes, there's one more thing left to do before we let it die. While we still have contact, we should all meet each other in real life one day. It isn't impossible. Soon, most of us will be able to go anywhere. Why the hell shouldn't we do it?
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Destroiya (2015-10-22 03:23:06)
^ Ayyyyyy we're in the same boat m8.
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Someone (2015-10-22 05:55:22)
^^^ is there room for three

shake that@shufflebot

CoolApps (2015-10-22 21:33:52)
@mega Rob said that he doesn't want to create another site that is based on a console's popularity.
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TheAlexRider (2015-10-22 22:14:42)
^(four up)

Been here for more than 2 years, prob 3...

It was once so good, so strong, new users every 20 mins

Chatrooms at 34 users

Rob and SL announcing new things

A photo gallery

This is like an abandoned building, with two rooms left not collapsed: Roleplayers and forums
AntiChrist (2015-10-23 12:44:30)
My post was mainly directed towards the older users who had been here for years. Obviously, to people who came to this website later, they wouldn't care.
open up ur chakras
ConnorRonnoc (2015-10-24 12:53:02)
Plaza died ages ago, all that's remained for the past few months is it's rotting corpse.

I wasn't here at the start, but at least I get to see the end.

Where do you lot plan on going from here?

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2015-10-24 12:55:22

bite za dusto
AntiChrist (2015-10-26 21:41:17)
I wouldn't mind going to an anime convention. Brony on the other hand....
open up ur chakras
Destroiya (2015-10-28 02:18:07)
Oh hell the yeah! You bet your ass I would be at an anime convention. Although I might need the money first.
None may challenge the brotherhood.
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