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How to prevent Nuenez's inappropriate pms.
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Started by KingMarc
(2015-11-12 00:52:52)
TwilightWinter (2015-11-12 22:15:53)
^ Now if he reads this, he will send next time.
CoolApps (2015-11-12 23:48:15)
^ exactly what I thought lmao
Newer account: NodePoint
Perfect_Chaos (2015-11-12 23:51:24)
there was a delete button?
Arctic (2015-11-13 01:46:24)
Move this please to Plaza
Michael94 (2015-11-13 17:12:07)
To all who didn't think of changing their profile and PM settings to "Just Friends":

I'm dead!
Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 5:44pm EST. I guess it can't be helped...
Perfect_Chaos (2015-11-14 01:44:24)
He got backups
Perfect_Chaos (2015-11-14 01:48:39)
"Nuenist/Nuenism is a rebel group made to support Nuenez. It was first made to be a comedian joke (and yes, I was part of that joke). BUT, certain people take it WAY too far and some people do what he does, or saciface accounts for his evil doing! I have advice for you, DON'T DO IT EVEN IF IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!"

We gotta stop these Nuenazis.
Destroiya (2015-11-14 02:46:12)
Basically Nuenez is Hitler. And the Nuenists are the Nazis.

Note to self: Learn how to use tags correctly me!

This post has been edited one or more times, the last time was:
2015-11-14 02:46:49

None may challenge the brotherhood.
UnhingedTool (2015-11-14 03:17:08)
So Nuenez is good?
Ayy Lmao.
Katelyn (2015-11-16 10:59:05)
heil hitl—*shot*
Neko Yuri is Best Yuri.
ZarktyArk (2015-11-16 17:21:54)
TOP KE-- Oh, wrong forum thread.

Anyway, I like these steps.
XxFuzzballxX (2015-11-17 05:32:58)
... or you just don't answer the pm. I got a pm from someone and the subject was is this you or something. I thought this person found me on google, but it was naked anime girls or anime girls showing cleavage. I didn't answer, and when I went to delete the pm, he was banned.
hi again
SuperJakee (2015-11-21 09:24:46)
This is stupid. I and many other people have said make your pm's friends only
PANZERFAUST (2015-11-21 21:09:54)
Just remove images from your comments
Sleep (I've Been Slipping)
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