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What's your view on a good Community Manager?
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Started by ChampionLeake
(2015-11-16 05:02:56)
ChampionLeake (2015-11-16 05:02:56)
This is an opinion based topic. All I ask is for everyone on this topic to be honest and respect each others opinions. Thank you.

The title says it all. Be descriptive and explain why? I'm doing this because I'm curious to see what you all want from a 3DSPlaza Community Manager or what's your view on them so in the future this can help choose the next Community Manager.

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2015-11-16 05:45:08

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angelrulez7 (2015-11-16 05:33:45)
I think what makes a good CM is observation. See someone you think will be good. Study their activity. (not in a stalkerish way) If they are helpful, not breaking rules, active etc, that would be your choice for a mod.
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Katelyn (2015-11-16 10:40:41)


Neko Yuri is Best Yuri.
CoolApps (2015-11-16 11:40:50)
Community managers are supposed to- well, manage the community.
This would mean: picking the appropriate staff (based on what they're like, amount of violations, activity), moderating, making decisions (with staff), be active enough to pick up what goes on in the community, being fair with the rules and keeping the community up-to-date with information.
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StarKiller889 (2015-11-17 01:39:00)
I think some one who actually cares about 3dsplaza. And that will help make it big again. Note idk if it has ever been big. But at least make it fun to be on and make it so kids want to be on it

Because as of 2014 it has probably died. I don't see any one on anymore.....

Don't believe me ?

Go to the chat rooms 1-4 people on ?
The only popular chat room is the rp chat and that's only because the rp kids won't ever leave and they have nothing better to do

God help 3dsplaza
hey I'm starkiller889

God's not dead!!!!
Nutsy (2015-11-17 14:42:49)
Who's our CM?
ChampionLeake (2015-11-17 22:41:15)
@Nutsy Lani.
I'm a web developer, a game developer, a digital artist, musician, and a reverse engineer. A weird mix right?
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Nutsy (2015-11-19 03:11:06)
I haven't seen Lani in a while.
PrinceMurphy (2015-11-19 05:38:36)
Someone who'll promote more of the unpopular users, as Lani did with Tachikoma/Juhety. Also, another CM like MegaBeanish, on the aspect of Trial Mods. Also, someone who will try to bring in new users, maybe by posting the link on various forums. Someone a bit more active, Lani's a good CM and all but not on all the time. And a last suggestion, promote someone who's on in the later hours, I know Plaza is gasping for air as it drowns but still, there is literally no mods on after a certain hour and it seems like ages before one shows up.
Dreo (2015-11-20 14:54:52)
Which hours of which timezones are these? ^
you guys are ing losers. It's cute.
Katelyn (2015-11-21 12:27:58)
everywhere, shea
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ObeyMercilia (2015-11-22 03:56:38)
Brandoin for CM.
XO. <3
brandoin (2015-11-22 03:57:55)
I'm not going to bull this time and say "Brandoin should be CM lol"

I honestly think Leake should be CM.
brandoin (2015-11-22 03:59:17)
Hi Mercy. :^^^)
ObeyMercilia (2015-11-22 04:02:44)
Hi Brandoin. :^^^^^)

I really think Amir should be CM. As a mod, I did a BVote for this and many others agreed.
XO. <3
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