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Why is Home4DSi....
Started by SuperJakee
(2015-11-23 02:57:02)
SuperJakee (2015-11-23 02:57:02)
This is seriously weird, as you may know Robdeprop (creator of Home4DSi and 3DSPlaza) is awesome. He made TWO sites.

But now,
Home4DSi gets about 6 six new users a day
3DSPlaza gets a max of 2 a day.

So why is Home4DSi still getting more users? Home4DSi does look cool but..


But didn't AlphaBravo make like 3 sites.
AlphaBravo is creator of DSiPad and DSiChatter

Then who made DSiPaint? Daniel Gump I assume.

R.I.P 3DSPlaza


:lol: :yoshi:

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SuperJakee (2015-11-23 03:01:21)
Ok, when I do forum posts with my DSi they tend to screw up badly.

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Shalala (2015-11-24 07:17:16)
......Out of curiosity, I actually look at H4D (lol when did it get updated?), and the chat was active. Like, several messages per minute. Only eight people (plus me, lurking) and it's currently 1:15 AM here. Totally active.

lmao let's migrate back to h4d



Lani (2015-11-24 16:18:42)
Let's look at this from a broader prospective:

- Plaza has a verification register. I'm not sure if H4D does as well, however it might explain why they appear to be getting more users, because there's no wait for account activation. I can affirm that there are indeed more than 2 accounts a day being registered to Plaza, they just don't all get accepted.

- It's currently 11:04am EST...not a very popular time of day. Plaza has 14 users online in the chats, while 50% of them are actively talking. H4D has 0 users online in the chats. This number only increases as the day grows later.

- It's notable that Plaza hasn't seen full chats in months...long before Nuenez started misbehaving. If any users left specifically because of Nuenez, it's not an amount that damages our population very much. There are dozens of other reasons why we're losing people. Giving Nuenez all the credit is way too drastic.

- Most forum threads (especially those in misc.) are replied to within minutes. Not a terrible wait for a rather quiet website. Meanwhile on H4D-...Oh, wait...

- and finally, Plaza runs waaaay smoother than H4D and has more features, like whispering, forums, profile comments, etc. It'd be better to get the H4D people to migrate here (I mean technically the rules are less strict here...they can't use that against us).

Can we please be done with "ITS END OF PLAZA!!!" and "NUENEZ IS THE ILLUMINATI!!!" Threads now?

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Katelyn (2015-11-24 22:29:14)
3DSPlaza is dying because of it's unappetizing design on the main part of the website.
Neko Yuri is Best Yuri.
SuperJakee (2015-11-24 22:45:43)
Very interesting. @Lani
CoolApps (2015-11-25 10:17:01)
^^^^ I wouldn't say that they're more strict. I had noticed that the staff there break the rules and would warn people even if they break the same rule as they did.
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Lani (2015-11-25 16:32:22)
^ o.o Wow. Well, I did say the rules are more strict the "no drama" or "don't irritate people" rules, which are two things that are inevitable to happen if you're at all an emotional human being.
Yet some of the other rules are written more like "maybe's", which seems less all honesty, and I hate to say it, those rules seem like SN rules.

Also, I didn't say Plaza isn't dying...there's just like 15 threads about it already.
PrinceMurphy (2015-11-25 16:39:33)
Home4DSi is more active as well for the faithful users, who also appear here at times. People from SN and here both go there, and we do have more drama in our chats than Home4Dsi does. Another reason it seems more active is, they only have one chat, where a ton of our users don't even use chats or forums, they stick to PMs and comments. Plaza isn't dying, it's chat population has dropped and the lack of new users is mainly because, most of the "new users" before, were alts and now with the verification, less people make alts.
SuperJakee (2015-12-01 16:44:25)
@Shalala I got updated early 2015 or late 2014 I think

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