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ur fave 3ds games
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Started by jgirl94
(2015-11-27 23:55:38)
jgirl94 (2015-11-27 23:55:38)
post them here

mine are majoras mask 3d cuz its my first game but in 3d
also project mirai an& senran kagura burst cuz music an& anime boobs 😂❤️
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Nutsy (2015-11-28 17:40:37)
You sir/madam, are a lovely soul.
Crush42 (2015-11-30 15:39:49)
1. Dead Or Alive Dimensions
2. Kid Icarus Uprising
3. Resident Evil Revelations
4. Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and Majoras Mask 3D
5. Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson

Those are my favourites. If OOT/MM3D had taken full advantage of the 3DS, I'd put them higher, but honestly, Dead Or Alive Dimensions and Kid Icarus Uprising are just the most fun I've had with any cartridge-based game on the platform. I've had DOA since launch, and because of the collectables and the amount of fun I have with it (the fact that it has some of the best graphics on the 3DS doesn't hurt either), I still play it regularly to this day.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-12-02 22:28:17)
Rhythm Heaven The Best Plus
jgirl94 (2015-12-06 04:26:41)
@nutsy im a girl but plz dont call me madam 😂 thx 😉
We are here to heal, not to harm; to love, not to hate; to create, not destroy
SlenderDude12 (2016-02-20 17:37:11)
Smesh Bras
carlos12 (2016-02-21 16:10:49)
@Crush42 i also love dead are alive demensions. but my favorite games on 3ds are SSB, Fire emblem awakening, and Pokemon Alpha sapphire. I also like majoras mask 3d(i haven't gotten far in the game though, gotta complete it sooner or later)
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Gumball (2016-04-03 17:31:43)
Close request.
Bean (2016-04-24 08:07:50)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Star Fox 64 3D.

Nin10dude789 (2016-06-15 05:42:26)
Smash Bros 3DS
Majora's Mask 3D
Kid Icarus: Uprising
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sempiblaze (2016-07-23 15:17:28)
rhythm heaven megamix
DCGAMER9000 (2016-09-05 21:10:30)
animal crossing new leaf
Betrrr (2016-09-06 00:39:07)
Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Mario Kart 7, and SSB4.
error234 (2016-10-11 19:38:07)
My favorite, right now is Yo-Kai Watch. I find the game design is full of attention to detail, like when you enter a house the game takes your shoes off. Makes for immersive game play.
ChampionLeake (2016-11-01 01:17:08)
Why do you guys keep bumping these old posts?
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