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Tearjerking/Depressing SFW Thread
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Started by Perfect_Chaos
(2015-11-29 22:56:42)
Perfect_Chaos (2015-11-29 22:56:42)
So, these made me want to tear up, it's rare that a movie or anime hits me, but , this is sad. Btw these are spoilers for The Champ, The Green Mile, Click, and Gurren Lagann.

Spoiler: show
Spoiler: show
Break if you didn't get water in your eyes yet show

All three of these have atleast made me get water in my eyes. What about you? What made you want to tear up? This is the tearjerking sfw thread so go all out, without somehow breaking the rules.

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KittySenpai (2015-11-29 23:18:20)
I have a good one. Let me look for it.
carlos11 (2015-12-15 01:49:21)
Nemesis (2015-11-30 01:01:54)
When I realize I have no tomatoes
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
Gumball (2015-11-30 01:16:19)
I didn't cry. But it was pretty sad. ;-;
UnhingedTool (2015-11-30 01:49:20)
Ayy Lmao.
KittySenpai (2015-11-30 02:14:00)
Couldn't find it.. Anyways, that's not.. Sad. ;-;
carlos11 (2015-12-15 01:49:21)
Nemesis (2015-11-30 02:37:11)
That's right. It's depressing.
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
Destroiya (2015-11-30 03:19:04)
Kamina... The great Blood Brother...
None may challenge the brotherhood.
Nutsy (2015-11-30 03:32:41)
Crying for Mumen Rider.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-11-30 21:53:37)
Not even watery eyes?

Nutsy (2015-11-30 22:00:04)
Applebucker (2015-11-30 22:33:42)
Wtf is this ?
Perfect_Chaos (2015-11-30 22:40:23)
The tearjerking/depressing swf thread

Nemesis (2015-12-02 02:10:52)
safe work for
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
Mercenary (2015-12-02 02:32:55)
I laughed tbh
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