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The D.A
Started by markymark
(2015-11-30 00:54:39)
markymark (2015-11-30 00:54:39)
ok befor you put hurtful comments and say this is a useless topic/thread. me and skyrim are starting a group called the D.A. if you would like to join pm me. dont worry boo soon or later tomorrow i will take this down so leave you dirty comments way up top -markymark

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2015-11-30 00:55:17

Destroiya (2015-11-30 03:44:36)
Smh. Who cares about mods this point in time?
None may challenge the brotherhood.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-11-30 03:50:19)
They forgot the gaming forum existed with that sonic 1 hack
Mercenary (2015-11-30 03:50:34)
UnhingedTool (2015-11-30 04:01:57)
Ayy Lmao.
GawdHydra (2015-11-30 04:03:34)
If ye wish to talk to me, xbox app (or XBOX itself), my gamertag is Godhydra.
UnhingedTool (2015-11-30 04:05:01)
Klu Klux Klan.
Ayy Lmao.
Lani (2015-11-30 16:18:39)
Being falsely banned is the primary reason my Kik exists...because I can actually do something about it. I'm not sure what you plan to accomplish without any privileges.
Sam (2015-11-30 16:52:30)
Lani would be the counselor on a starship under my command.
CoolApps (2015-11-30 17:43:22)
I'd like to say that this "D.A" group is not affianced with 3DSPlaza in any shape or form.
Disputes should be sent to (trusted) >official< staff and not anyone else.

Main reasons would be that they're able to look at additional information, perform actions, can discuss with other staff and they usually know the system well.

Anywho, message to the two users in this group: This is the second time your false privileges have been wiped out from your profiles. Don't attempt to bypass the rules.
Newer account: NodePoint
PrinceMurphy (2015-11-30 19:23:46)
Bean (2015-11-30 19:36:40)
what did i just read
PrinceMurphy (2015-11-30 21:01:18)
They've put them back already.
Bean (2015-11-30 21:27:54)
"Do not mini-mod — do not pretend to be a moderator."

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