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What if Robdeprop died?
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Started by DANUT3RCISD
(2015-11-30 13:41:26)
DANUT3RCISD (2015-11-30 13:41:26)
What do u think would happen to the server? 

TEMMY (0000-00-00 00:00:02)

Gumball (2015-11-30 13:55:03)
Oliver is co creater of 3DSPlaza. If Rob died, Oliver would take his position as owner.
DANUT3RCISD (2015-11-30 13:59:09)
what if he died?

TEMMY (0000-00-00 00:00:02)

CoolApps (2015-11-30 14:06:10)
then the VPS would go eventually due to no payment. aka RIP plaza
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MarioErmando (2015-11-30 14:08:26)
i like boys owo
DANUT3RCISD (2015-11-30 14:34:44)
So technically plaza is not dead then.

TEMMY (0000-00-00 00:00:02)

Alpaca (2015-11-30 16:13:54)
Plaza should die.
DANUT3RCISD (2015-11-30 17:06:54)
Alpaca said:
Plaza should die.

kill rob

TEMMY (0000-00-00 00:00:02)

RedArt (2015-11-30 20:06:00)
did anyone call a hitman?
Drakkrai (2015-11-30 20:10:52)
What if Erman took control?
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DANUT3RCISD (2015-11-30 20:28:37)
Drakkrai said:
What if Erman took control?

He can't, he is not a mod anymore, so rob would not think of making him a co-co-owner before he got assassinated died

TEMMY (0000-00-00 00:00:02)

UnitedUdders (2015-11-30 20:59:46)
He could be dead, how would we know anyway
PrinceMurphy (2015-11-30 21:06:31)
He probably is dead, laying on his couch without pants and a bullet hole in his head.
SMOGamerX (2015-11-30 21:16:11)
I will assassinate Robdeprop because if I do, I will make plaza history
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little5 (2015-11-30 21:19:19)
SMO could very well not be joking. Hw probably would assassinate Rob to make plazian history.

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