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When is it Christmas time to you?
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Started by Alpaca
(2015-12-01 01:12:45)
Alpaca (2015-12-01 01:12:45)
Are you all pumped right now or are you like me saying "Can't you hold out until Decenber?", which by the way, starts tomorrow.

Also I ask to hold out until December 2 because Tyler Joseph's birthday is tomorrow.
UnhingedTool (2015-12-01 01:16:36)
Ayy Lmao.
Gumball (2015-12-01 01:17:54)
I hate celebrating Christmas. I spend my Christmas on the 3DSPlaza Forums.
UnhingedTool (2015-12-01 01:18:34)
^ kys.
Ayy Lmao.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-12-01 01:19:29)
^^ Live Sam, live.

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Alpaca (2015-12-01 01:33:47)
I don't care, Clem. You're annoying. Tyler Joseph doesn't annoy me.

UnhingedTool (2015-12-01 01:36:04)
Know one cares Alpaca, you're annoying.
Ayy Lmao.
little5 (2015-12-01 01:38:32)
I don't really get hyped for Christmas anymore.
Drakkrai (2015-12-01 01:41:00)
I asked for pants... for school. My mom was shocked.
shalala is my onee-chan

lindsay x avery
Nemesis (2015-12-01 01:58:21)
Nov 1 that's when Christmas officially starts and America knows it
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
Sam (2015-12-01 02:36:59)
KittySenpai (2015-12-01 02:59:19)
I honestly agree with Tool. ;-; Sowwy
carlos11 (2015-12-15 01:49:21)
Nutsy (2015-12-01 03:11:18)
Yeah I like Christmas other than the cold.
Sam (2015-12-01 03:13:50)
Matt stopped bullying me for posting lizards
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