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Started by Gumball
(2015-12-01 14:15:05)
Gumball (2015-12-01 14:15:05)
When did you first join 3DSPlaza?
I joined May 2011.
DANUT3RCISD (2015-12-01 14:38:49)
i joined in january 2013, with the name of dandan320, then i changed my username to CL3MS0NTIG3RS2, still having the original account, then nuenez got into my account so now i have this one.

TEMMY (0000-00-00 00:00:02)

CoolApps (2015-12-01 14:40:43)
Late November 2011.
Newer account: NodePoint
KittySenpai (2015-12-01 14:46:37)
I joined late 2011 :^^^D

Edit: Around the same time as Apps.^

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2015-12-01 14:47:11

carlos11 (2015-12-15 01:49:21)
MarioErmando (2015-12-01 15:22:46)
around the same time as andre
KittySenpai (2015-12-01 15:26:52)
I wish I had my old account.. It had a retarded name though.
carlos11 (2015-12-15 01:49:21)
Boo (2015-12-01 21:21:59)
I joined in like 2012 under 3DMarioluigi. I forgot my pass so I migrated to a new user under 3DLuigimario. Then I grew out of my MARIOISMYLORDANDSAVIOUR.jpg phase and fell in my Dimentioissohawt.jpg phase, so Dimentia came in. Then King Boo.


I also had several alts. One of them was banned by SL though.
Boo (2015-12-01 21:22:15)
Maaaybe 2011.
foxmine (2015-12-01 23:36:46)
right now today
UnitedUdders (2015-12-02 00:25:29)
January 6, 2012
DANUT3RCISD (2015-12-02 00:29:57)
i remember epicgoomba, who is now UhingedTool, i liked epicgoomba better.
I also remember Solarfusion, and LevilJ something

TEMMY (0000-00-00 00:00:02)

Perfect_Chaos (2015-12-02 00:41:39)
EpicGoomba was so small I barely noticed him.

Destroiya (2015-12-02 00:57:36)
I joined in somewhere around 2011. My original account was destroiya

The nostalgia back then. I loved the RP in a normal chat.
None may challenge the brotherhood.
Nemesis (2015-12-02 01:22:01)
Late 2012
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
RedArt (2015-12-03 09:01:03)
new years 2011
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