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sonic the hedgehog 25 anniversary contest
Started by charlieweller
(2016-03-10 16:08:38)
charlieweller (2016-03-10 16:08:38)
Hi I'm Charlie here and if your a sonic fan then this is for you. As we know Sonic 25th anniversary Is coming
So I thought I will make a Question contest about sonic.
warning!!! you have to know everything all Sonic games to play this contest. PM me and I'll give you details about this contest the winner will receive 55 3DS points. good luck if you enter closures on March 20th
would stop by but I'm outta here'll

in a supersonic second
Asriel_Dreemurr (2016-03-10 19:06:19)
A= A
S= Somewhat
R= Really
I= Ilegally
E= Edgy
L= Lenny
MissJanie (2016-03-10 19:53:40)
Get the out.

carlos12 (2016-03-10 21:34:24)
*ahem* Why are you guys hating him just because he wants to do something about a game thats been ty lately? I mean, yall are never on anyway......... Well, nobody is gonna listen to my opinion anyway........
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May Spencer be in all our hearts....
NodePoint (2016-03-10 21:45:53)
Pentester, web developer, artist, and tech enthusiast.
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