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How to make a sidescroller game?
Started by squirtle2016
(2016-03-12 21:53:03)
squirtle2016 (2016-03-12 21:53:03)
I'm trying to make a sidescroller game, but I can't find the codes needed on Google. Could somebody give me the codes here?
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SpriteMite (2016-03-13 08:19:12)
You really seem to insist on simply building your stuff off of others' codes. I don't blame you, I was the same 4 years ago. But seriously, if you want to make things like this, I highly advise you learn what you want to make rather than just asking for the codes.
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squirtle2016 (2016-03-13 16:40:22)
^ I can't find anywhere that teaches it at all.
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NodePoint (2016-03-13 17:50:55)
You're supposed to find bits of things that would make it work. Don't expect to get it all in one package.
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squirtle2016 (2016-03-25 01:26:41)
Stop, or you die.

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